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Technology in higher education

What will hold back the use of technology in higher education over the next five years?

Online education

Expansion into ‘digitally advanced market’ confirms platform is ‘firmly on the map’, says chief executive

E learning

Scholars and publishers assess some bold responses to the pressures on traditional formats

More than 198,000 people have signed a petition in support of Ahmadreza Djalali

A visitor admires shadow puppets made of leather during an exhibition. China
Lucrative offer to professor renews concerns over 'unethical' contracts
Online learning

Deakin University will deliver six postgraduate degrees via the online platform

Lecture video camera

Copyright and intellectual property policy on lecture capture ‘evolving’, says report, but institutions should provide supportive advice to academics

University of Oxford students walking on campus

World's top-ranking university announces course on economic development through new collaboration with online platorm edX

Digital video camera recording lecture

Platform to ‘continue developing’ an educational role after pilot broadcast in partnership with UCL

Experiment on online philosophy course marks a new path for humanities Moocs

Woman watching The Open University on TV while holding child

The Open University's vice-chancellor says now is the moment to turn around decline in part-time study

The week in higher education cartoon (28 July 2016)

The good, the bad and the offbeat: the academy through the lens of the world’s media

Poorly-downloaded photo of Stanford University's Hoover Tower

Whether or not Moocs live up to the hype, technology’s impact on universities is real and growing, Stanford University’s John Hennessy tells Ellie Bothwell

Daphne Koller, Coursera, Stanford University

Daphne Koller says online platform reached millions of learners largely because of the publicity, both good and bad, about Moocs

Woman tries on hats

Leeds and OU programmes signal significant change in online platform’s pricing structure

Demonstrator holding poster of Mao Zedong (Mao Tse-tung), Shanghai

Both the government and resurgent left-wing groups are promoting ‘red education’ in the country’s universities

DHL employee prepares PaketKopter drone for delivery

McGraw-Hill Education chief executive says companies must work to allay ‘legitimate concerns’ of higher education staff

Digital footprint

Sharing data on students’ academic activities will bring the field to a tipping point, says Martin Hall

Syrian refugee girl, Domiz camp, Northern Iraq

The school was launched by four students who met on an online course at McGill University

Caractacus Potts' soaraway vehicle

Andrew W. Robinson on the sound pedagogical reasons to swap the industrial, identikit approach to teaching and learning for something less bloody boring