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Announcement follows concerns raised that Britain’s economy will not grow as quickly as previously expected

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As research funding becomes increasingly linked with impact assessment, academics will need help seeking out business partners, sector leaders say

Advancing capabilities of stem cells could mean researchers run into legal difficulties once more, European academies warn

Commission’s final report calls for an Office for Strategic Economic Management to ensure sound regional economic policy, writes Andy Westwood

The inventor with a penchant for clocks talks KitKat wrappers and kettles

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Shadow industrial strategy minister says scrapping fees essential for universities' civic mission

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Firm steps up collaboration with university as world’s biggest tech companies race to harness quantum physics

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Canada and Finland also score highly in research assessing the effectiveness of education systems in 35 economies

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Major investment in advanced medical manufacturing announced by government

Leaving Lehman Brothers

New data show how universities took up the slack when businesses cut back on R&D. But the crisis also led to greater demands on universities to boost growth

Lightbulb innovation

Nature Index examines how research articles are cited in third-party patents  


Aarhus University has signed up companies to fund fundamental research in what it calls a ‘patent-free playground’

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Science policy experts have concerns about the effectiveness of new UK government support model

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European Innovation Council mission to create ‘unicorns’ may deprive academics of funding, critics warn

The serial entrepreneur speaks to Times Higher Education at the 2017 THE Innovation and Impact Summit

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Leader of Hong Kong Polytechnic University says institution ‘cannot think of itself as an isolated island’

The Guangdong Technion Israel Institute of Technology building at Shantou University on December 16, 2015 in Shantou, China

First Israeli university in China welcomes students this summer

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Sydney’s deputy v-c says government must put its money where its mouth is


Universities could lose out as emphasis switches to supporting innovation

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Vice-president says universities must convince researchers that journal articles are not the only way to disseminate knowledge