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David Matthews reports from Canada on a model that gives students up to two years in work placements

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Energy, ingenuity and international outlook make HK a fertile territory for success, says Peter Mathieson

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Gearing research too far towards industry goals can lead to short-termist approach, warns Brian MacCraith

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Paper finds that UK sandwich course students ‘outshine’ their overseas counterparts in the final year of university

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Graduate start-ups also show employment and turnover growth, although fewer are being founded

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Academic casts doubt on universities’ spin-off success and impact on SMEs

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A UK university is leading a team to promote academic links with industry in Colombia, Panama and beyond

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Hermann Hauser, who led efforts to launch Catapult network of commercialisation centres, sees a major cultural difference between UK and Germany

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How do universities rated ‘best for industry connections’ improve their students’ employability?

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Institutions will struggle with Chinese government push on entrepreneurship, Ellie Bothwell hears Zhejiang University dean tell conference in Beijing

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Conference hears that fundamental skills, rather than specific languages, will serve graduates throughout their careers

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Scholars in the UK and Australia contemptuous of impact statements and often exaggerate them, study suggests

Giant magnet attracting money

Times Higher Education World University Rankings data reveal the 20 best institutions based on private-sector investment per academic

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Despite claims that engagement with business is as important as research and teaching, academics find they have no time for work outside the academy


Partnership of five universities has so far helped new businesses raise more than £1bn

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Subra Suresh fears that business short-termism, increasing research costs and worries over cybersecurity are undermining the incentives to invest

Comments by Sir Keith Burnett follows criticisms from business minister than some universities held a 'snobbish' attitude to the courses

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The most popular higher education articles of the year, based on website traffic

University of Sheffield student with tunnel boring machine (TBM)

Sheffield Engineering Leadership Academy aims to equip graduates with the ‘soft skills’ required for industry or academia

British Council announces new partnership as Indian prime minister visits UK