HE and Research Bill

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Pam Tatlow on the recent parliamentary debate of the Higher Education Bill

Houses of Parliament at night

Nick Hillman welcomes the government’s concessions but says there is a long way to go before this bill becomes law

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Plans for powerful new regulator still face 'difficult time' in the House of Lords

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Despite having some questions about how the bill will be implemented, Douglas Blackstock believes it is a force for good

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Additional fee income could be diverted to fund research, warns Hepi paper

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Wes Streeting calls for student representation on governing bodies and new information requirements

The HE Bill is explicit on the need for competition, but why does it not encourage cooperation? Maddalaine Ansell writes

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As Ipswich institution gains independence, Richard Lister says it is ‘absolutely right’ that new providers go through ‘proper level of scrutiny’

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Undergraduates may be urged to answer ‘definitely disagree’ to NSS questions

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A new condensed master’s will be offered by NMITE among other curriculum innovations

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Smaller, newer alternative providers are less likely to pass higher education review, analysis says

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Students could be forced to choose between the dodgy dossiers of established reputation and the imposter proxies of the TEF, says Liz Morrish

Justine Greening, education secretary

New education secretary praises moves to open up sector to new providers, but majority allowing bill to next stage is only 36

Greater financial uncertainty caused by the EU referendum result should lead to a rethink of proposed reforms, says Labour

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Ahead of the HE and Research Bill's second reading, vice-chancellors Steve Smith and Edward Peck explain why they think reform is necessary 

Houses of Parliament at night

The TEF will divide universities into 'institutional sheep and goats' and then starve the goats, writes Dorothy Bishop on the eve of the HE Bill's second reading

Justine Greening, education secretary

The new education secretary has much to get to grips with as she arrives at the Department for Education

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Theresa May’s decision to put schools and higher education together won’t automatically lead to closer collaboration, writes Chris Havergal

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Vice-chancellors argue that exercise should not go beyond pilot stage because of ‘significant instability’

Andrew Gunn, University of Leeds

Focus on teaching in proposed framework ignores its primary role as extra quality assurance tool, claims researcher