HE and Research Bill

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Commentator Martin Wolf examines the economic flaws and false assumptions of the Higher Education and Research Bill

Sir Mark Walport

Scientists have mixed reactions to announcement of UKRI leader

Warwick vice-chancellor Stuart Croft on why his university reluctantly joined the ‘flawed’ teaching excellence framework


FT commentator gives damning verdict on what he describes as ‘government takeover of university sector’

Members of the House of Lords

Gill Evans laments the financial cases universities make for entering the teaching excellence framework

Houses of Parliament at night

Nick Hillman on the possible implications of the government’s defeat in the Lords

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Jim Knight on the early committee stages of the HE and Research Bill in the Lords

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Lord Stevenson on the problems facing the Higher Education and Research Bill, which was amended on its first day in committee in the Lords

Members of the House of Lords

Lords pass opposition amendment to HE Bill in committee stage

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Kirsty Williams and Julie James implore ministers to look beyond the Golden Triangle

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Phil Newton looks at the case for making essay-writing services illegal

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The impact of the bill on Royal Charters is not the main concern, says Smita Jamdar

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The Higher Education and Research Bill is a chance for institutions to show they do more than research and teaching, says Graham Virgo

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There really is no need for the Higher Education and Research Bill, says Anne Sheppard


John Morgan on how the EU used research programmes as a weapon to enforce free movement

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For the first time, says the UK’s universities minister Jo Johnson, academic freedom and institutional autonomy will be enshrined in UK law

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Conservative, Labour and crossbench peers all join criticism in House of Lords

Mixed signals

John Morgan looks at signals of Home Office backtracking

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Pam Tatlow on the recent parliamentary debate of the Higher Education Bill

Houses of Parliament at night

Nick Hillman welcomes the government’s concessions but says there is a long way to go before this bill becomes law