HE and Research Bill

Boycott the NSS protesters

The effectiveness of the NSS boycott means it is now time for universities to sit up and listen, says Sorana Vieru

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Eliminating cheating services, even if it were possible, would do nothing to address students’ and universities’ lack of interest in learning, says Stuart Macdonald

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The definition of a university called for by the Lords never really materialised, writes Gill Evans

Jo Johnson smiling
Minister defends shift to 'classic regulated market' in THE interview following passing of HE Act
Chequered flag waving

Bill to further market approach in England backed by MPs and Lords

Washing up

Government concessions needed ‘if it is not to lose its bill’, senior Labour peer warns

Evidence for the harm done by including students in net migration figures is clear, says Huw Owen

Westminster, Houses of Parliament

Sector expert predicts dissent will be crushed when Lords amendment reaches Commons

Members of the House of Lords

Vote hailed as ‘notable victory’ in battle to remove overseas learners from net migration targets

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Sir Mark Walport believes that the amended HE Bill will assist him in making the UKRI the best research funding agency in the world

Houses of Parliament, Westminster

Peers back further amendments to Higher Education and Research Bill

Tuition fee hike

Maddalaine Ansell and Sorana Vieru give their differing takes on the recent Lords amendment to the HE and Research Bill

Magician pulls rabbit out of hat

Pam Tatlow looks back at a tumultuous day for the HE Bill in the House of Lords

Members of the House of Lords

Peers back amendment which says TEF cannot be used to determine English universities’ fees

Houses of Parliament at night

Sir Steve Smith feels that universities minister Jo Johnson has listened, and that the HE Bill is now in fine shape

Exam cheating

Giving students who use essay mills a criminal record would impose a punishment that ill fits the crime, writes Daniel Sokol

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Changes could mean HE and Research Bill receives Royal Assent in the spring, writes Nick Hillman


Jo Johnson amends OfS powers over universities and new providers, but key plans remain in place

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Commentator Martin Wolf examines the economic flaws and false assumptions of the Higher Education and Research Bill

Sir Mark Walport

Scientists have mixed reactions to announcement of UKRI leader