The inventor with a penchant for clocks talks KitKat wrappers and kettles

Candace Johnson

Candace Johnson says universities should cultivate a belief in their students that they ‘can do everything’

Woman pushing child in toy Spitfire plane

Venture capital fund aims to give students experience of investing 

Person holding large fan of British currency in hands

Knowledge exchange income is up to £4.2 billion, while university spin-offs and start-ups also posted strong growth

University students working on a patentable invention

A rigorous methodology is essential to manage university patent portfolios, say Bruno Reynolds and Ben Oakley from Isis Enterprise in Oxford

Artist Frank Boelter sitting in life-size paper boat

Creator of crowdfunding teaching tool says entrepreneurship courses should drop the traditional business plan as a method of assessment

Image of African continent

The MTN Entrepreneurship Challenge focused on Africa’s strengths, not its weaknesses, says Martin Hall

Market stalls

Hefce-funded project aims to drive economic growth and increase employment

Group of men assisting teammate on obstacle course

But British Council study finds that the majority of institutions in 12-nation survey engage in such activity

Young woman seated in front of laptop computer

Paper finds that UK sandwich course students ‘outshine’ their overseas counterparts in the final year of university

Rising graphs

Graduate start-ups also show employment and turnover growth, although fewer are being founded

Hugo Sonnenschein, University of Chicago

Philanthropic donations to universities seen in the US can be replicated in Europe and the Middle East, argues former University of Chicago president Hugo Sonnenschein

Balding superhero checking hair in mirror

Academic casts doubt on universities’ spin-off success and impact on SMEs

Elly Walton illustration (31 March 2016)

Universities need to invest in the right people to make the leap from intellectual property to covetable product, says George Feiger

Man shaking hands and receiving university diploma

The African Institute for Transformational Entrepreneurship will help propel Africa to the forefront of new knowledge creation, argues John Latham

Statue of seated man writing on scroll

Youth is not a bar to excellence, despite older institutions’ rankings success. Jack Grove analyses how some youthful contenders have risen in the ranks

Giant magnet attracting money

Times Higher Education World University Rankings data reveal the 20 best institutions based on private-sector investment per academic

Students at Aberystwyth University design librarian robot

The invention might be a ‘world first’ in robotics, says the university


Partnership of five universities has so far helped new businesses raise more than £1bn

Businesswoman shrugging

Despite mission statements proclaiming importance of ‘third stream’ activity, scholars do not see it as a priority