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Complete University Guide’s international and postgraduate fees survey for 2017 also suggests Brexit caution on rises in some areas

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UK universities face uncertainty over the impact of Brexit and the TEF, the future for tuition fees and a pensions deficit. Which institutions have the financial clout and diversified portfolios to survive? Simon Baker runs the numbers

Brexit from the EU

As negotiations continue on the future for EU citizens working in the UK after Brexit, these are the subjects that currently have the most international staff 

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Elite universities top newly-released tables for graduate employment rates, official data shows

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Data on the entry qualifications of students at UK universities suggest that there must be more to the growth in top degrees


Private school pupils 43 percentage points more likely to enrol in most prestigious institutions

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Latest financial data for both countries show that overall Australian universities have a greater reliance on international students, but not by much

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Watchdog says data ‘does not bear the weight that is put on it in public debate’

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Data in the latest 'Patterns and Trends' analysis from UUK shows how the China international student bubble could end up bursting

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Plan to include LEO graduate earnings in TEF raises issue of regional pay differences

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New analysis of Hesa data shows that at least a quarter of students get a first at a third of UK universities

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EU applications drop 5 per cent post-Brexit, as numbers of mature and nursing applicants also decline

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Ability to access the cutting-edge technology needed for such research is one key factor behind the success of institutions featuring in the latest THE cluster analysis

The latest data from Hesa’s graduate outcomes survey were not included in the TEF, and could point to universities that may seek to reapply next year

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A look at the split metrics suggests that some universities may have benefited from having a more advantaged student cohort


Latest data from Hesa's DLHE survey shows highest proportion going on to other courses since at least 2011-12

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Bibliometric data suggest link to performance of nations' education systems, although academic warns against drawing simple conclusions

Full TEF results for all the universities in the TEF ranked by main award and core metrics


Comparing the TEF with metrics such as the NSS begins to show how university location may have played a role in the final results

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The UK may lead Europe in terms of internationalisation, but other countries are surprisingly strong and gaining ground. Ellie Bothwell reports