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Elsevier data show that China produces vast quantities of papers in field but lags on quality

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An analysis of data from THE's World University Rankings suggests a country's GDP and university work with industry are related 

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Analysis of THE data and latest autonomy scores for Europe suggests ability to hire best staff drives research strength

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THE analysis shines a light on institutions that have thought outside the box on research collaboration and funding

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Hesa figures show EU nationals make up more than a quarter of all academics at a third of mission group’s members

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Balkan country’s higher education system punches above its weight in new ranking

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THE analysis of Hesa data also shows that gender pay gap for professors remains stubborn

Figures likely to fuel debate over whether value of bachelor's degrees is eroding over time

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Some research-intensive universities grew value of collaborations by more than 20 per cent in 2015-16


Duke University challenge on visualising scholarly collaboration produces treasure trove of results

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From personalising tuition to performance management, the use of data is increasingly driving how institutions operate

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THE DataPoints figures detail how country has surpassed India but still lags behind South Korea


Figures demonstrate the power of the ‘golden triangle’ in bidding for EU cash

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Most academics are keen to access other researchers’ material but a third are yet to share their own

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Massive investment in campus infrastructure gives Australia an advantage in the battle to recruit international students, writes Jack Grove from the Young Universities Summit in Brisbane

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New data allow greater scrutiny of student retention in England’s ‘challenger’ institutions

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Latest report on sector’s financial health paints picture of growing gap between haves and have-nots

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Latest data on research grants show just how much UK institutions get from the EU


China and India accounted for almost half of all international students in the US last year, up from just under a quarter a decade before

Hesa data show non-continuation rate for disadvantaged students is rising faster