A look at the latest detailed figures suggests something is awry, but it may still be too early to tell if Brexit is the culprit

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Latest Home Office statistics also show general rise in visa applications for study at UK universities

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Research areas that will receive special attention include artificial intelligence and the life sciences, but are they the right fields to focus on?

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Academic to vice-chancellor pay ratios could be published by the Office for Students but here is a preview based on THE’s pay data


Latest Global University Employability Survey revealed the contrasting opinion of US and Japanese firms towards their higher education systems

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Report from Elsevier suggests more collaboration with poorer nations is needed

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China now third behind US and UK on Clarivate list of most impactful researchers worldwide

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British Academy report marking 500 days until ‘Brexit day’ throws spotlight on the money and academic talent in the subjects that come from the EU

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Stark figures in new Hepi report prompt calls for chancellor to tackle research underfunding in budget

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Latest OECD data show levelling off in global numbers of mobile students after exponential growth in late 1990s and 2000s

A snapshot of World University Rankings data gives some interesting results on efficiency 

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Data from the OECD show that some European nations and the US have a more decentralised system 

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Charts also illustrate how developing nations concentrate their research on a narrower set of fields

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Bibliometric data suggest there should be more scholarship on the topic, but academics still make key contributions to debate

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Figures from Elsevier's Scopus database also reveal which scholarship on the topic has been the most cited

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Latest OECD figures suggest that some countries such as the US are a long way behind others on social mobility

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Analysis of departmental spending suggests there is a large gulf in costs between some disciplines

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Figures from Elsevier's Scopus database suggest study into topic has unusually low rate of collaboration

Raising graduate repayments bar to £25k hikes level of public subsidy for system to 45 per cent, says respected research institute 

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Data from the World University Rankings shows that on research performance, the region is among the world’s best