Obituary: Geoffrey Lilley, 1919-2015

A pioneering engineer known as ‘the father of aeroacoustics’ has died

Markku Lulmala, University of Helsinki

We talk to the winner of the Russian Geographical Society’s Fedor P. Litke Gold Medal

David Eustace, Edinburgh Napier University

We talk to the world-famous photographer about donning a cap and gown as a university chancellor

Obituary: David Trotter, 1957-2015

A leading expert on medieval French language and lexicography has died

Obituary: Nathan Rosenberg, 1927-2015

An economic historian who ‘almost single-handedly’ transformed our understanding of technological change has died

John Bowers QC, Brasenose College, Oxford

The new principal of Brasenose College, Oxford, on widening participation and comparisons to Marvin the paranoid android

Obituary: John Holland, 1929-2015

A pioneering computer scientist who offered many powerful insights into the nature of complex adaptive systems has died

Chris Naunton, Egypt Exploration Society, International Association of Egyptologists

We talk to the director of the Egypt Exploration Society about mummies, whether university is right for everyone and his one-time ambition to play guitar for Radiohead

Obituary: Svetlana Boym, 1959-2015

A scholar, novelist and photographer whose work drew on her past as a Jewish émigré from the Soviet Union has died

Kevin Sinfield, Yorkshire Carnegie, Leeds Rhinos

The former England rugby league captain and double university graduate talks higher education and life after sport. Plus the latest higher education appointments

Interview: Sir David Greenaway, Russell Group, University of Nottingham

The new Russell Group chair on the looming spending review, criticism of elite universities and their leaders, and cycling from one end of the country to the other

Obituary: Sir Bob Hepple, 1934-2015

A leading campaigner for justice in South Africa who went on to become master of a Cambridge college has died.

Rick Rylance, School of Advanced Study, University of London

We talk to the AHRC chief executive as he prepares to move to the School of Advanced Study

Obituary: Terry Culhane, 1934-2015

A linguist who helped radically transform the BBC Russian-language courses has died

Obituary: Chris Marshall, 1949-2015

A researcher who made a major contribution to our understanding of cancer – and paved the way for several new classes of drug – has died

Lady Frances Sorrell, University of Westminster

We talk to the new chancellor of the University of Westminster

Hugh Hunt, University of Cambridge

We talk to the University of Cambridge academic who brings engineering to life

Patricia Crone

A scholar who transformed our understanding of early Islam has died

Obituary: Masahiko Aoki, 1938-2015

A scholar who pioneered the study of the economies of Japan and East Asia – and comparative organisational structures across the world – has died.

Margaret Hodge, Labour MP for Barking

We talk to the Labour MP for Barking and former chair of the Public Accounts Committee

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