January 18, 2002


University of Edinburgh
Professoressor James Ironside has assumed the role of Director of the National Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Surveillance Unit. Under management restructuring plans the directorship is now to be rotated every three years between Professoressor Ironside and fellow Consultant Neurologists Professor Robert G. Will and Dr R. S. G. Knight . Dr Knight is taking up the newly created role of Deputy Director.

University of Hull
Peter Wallace
, former political agent and director of an English language school in Brazil, has been appointed researcher in the university's development and alumni relations office.

University of Leicester
Peter Furness
, former senior lecturer in the university department of pathology and honorary consultant histopathologist with the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, has been appointed to the university's first chair in renal pathology.

University of Oxford
Stephen Daldrey
, director of the film Billy Elliot, has been appointed Cameron Mackintosh visit Professoressor of contemporary theatre.

University of Stirling
David Peck
, former area clinical psychologist with Highland Primary Health Care NHS Trust, has been appointed Professoressor of health research. He is also affiliated to Aberdeen University and Edinburgh University.


British Academy Book Prize
Rees Davies
, Chichele Professoressor of medieval history and fellow of All Souls College Oxford, is a joint winner of the prize for his book, The First English Empire : Power and Identities in the British Isles 1093-1343 .

Royal College of Anaesthetists
Clive Hahn
, Professoressor of anaesthesia science at the Nuffield department of anaesthetics, University of Oxford, has been awarded the Royal College's gold medal in recognition of his contribution to the development of research in applied physiology and anaesthesia.

Universiteit van Amsterdam
Honorary doctorates have been awarded to:
Arthur Chaskalson , human rights lawyer and author of the interim Constitution of South Africa, first president of the Constitutional Court of South Africa.
Ian Macdonald , mathematician, in particular group theory, algebraic combinatories and the theory of special functions,who defined a class of symmetric functions and a class of polynomials now known as 'MacDonald polynomials'.
Eddy de Jongh , art historian and specialist in the art of the golden age in the Netherlands.
Paul van der Heijden , rector magnificus and Professoressor of labour law.


Manchester University
A research team comprising Bill Williams, Yaakov Wise, Lynn Jesky and Ros Livshin, has been awarded a grant of £20,000 from the Association of Jewish refugees to conduct interviews with refugees and their children.

University of Leicester
Dr D.G.Lambert, £3,512 (supp) from Pfizer Ltd (Supplement - Nociceptin Pharmacology - Studentship);
Professor G. Smith, £150,092 (supp) from University Hospitals of Leicester (Supplement - Research Fellows in Anaesthesia) and £38,836 from Leicester Nuffield Hospital (RMO Post for Leicester Nuffield Hospital);
Professor L. Foxhall, £7,059 from the European Science Foundation (ESF Exploratory Workshop - Archaic Greek Culture: the Archaeological and Historical Context of the First Writing in Europe);
Professor D. Mattingly, £73,049.46 (supp) from the Society for Libyan Studies (Supplement - The Fezzan Project);
Dr D. G. J. Shipley, £3,000 from LTSN (Developing a Flexible Structure for Teaching Greek to Archaeologists and Historians);
Professor D. R. Critchley, Dr J. Emsley, Professor G. C. K. Roberts, Dr I. Barsukov, £359,004 from BBSRC (Structural and Functional Studies on the Focal Adhesion Proteins Talin and Vinculin);
Dr A. Fry, £121,234 from The Association of International Cancer Research (Mitotic Regulation of Nek2 Protein Kinase Stability) and £44,680 from the Cancer Research Campaign (Validation of Nek2 as a New Cancer Gene Target);
Dr T. Herbert, Professor D. Critchley, £15,000 from Novo Nordisk (Case Studentship - Pancreatic Cell Proteins Differentially Regulated at the Level of Translation);
Dr A. W. Munro, Professor N. S. Scrutton, £200,428 from BBSRC (Deconvoluting the Electron Transfer Pathway in Flavocytochrome P450 BM3);
Professor N. S. Scrutton, Dr A. Munro, £191,652 from BBSRC (Electron Transfer in Dihydroorotate Dehydrogenase B: A Novel Flavoprotein and Antimicrobial Target);
Dr A. Willis, £169,831 from the Wellcome Trust (Trans-acting Protein Factor Requirements of Apaf-1 and BAG-1 IRESes) and £6,670 (supp) from the Leukaemia Research Fund (Supplement - The Role of the C-Myc IRES in Multiple Myeloma);
Dr C. A. Pritchard, Richard Marais, £86,501 from the Cancer Research Campaign (Use of Gene Targeting to Study the Role of the Raf Protein Kinases in Cell Signalling);
Dr D. M. Harper, £6,000 (supp) from the Environment Agency (Supplement - Assessment of the Impact of Nutrient Removal on Eutrophic Rivers);
Dr R. J. Evans, £579,245 from the Wellcome Trust (P2X1 Receptors for ATP; Physiological Roles, Regulation and Molecular Properties P2X1 receptors for ATP are expressed on a range of smooth muscle cells, neurons and blood cells);
Dr J. Mitcheson, £379,716 from the MRC (The Molecular Basis of Gating and High Affinity Drug Block of HERG Potassium Channels Associated with Cardiac Arrhythmia);
Dr E. P. Seward, £263,433 from the Wellcome Trust (The Role of PKC and Munc13 in Facilitation of Exocytosis by G Protein Coupled Receptors);
Dr S. Baker, £13,200 from ChemOvation Ltd (Case Studentship - Madeline Andrew - Synthesis of Inhibitors Against Protein-Protein Interactions Using Combinatorial Chemistry);
Dr P. Dyer, £10,000 from Lubrizol Ltd (Extension to Case Studentship - Co-ordination Chemistry of Bulky Pendant Arm P-N Ligands: Towards New Polymerisation Initiators);
Professor A. R. Hillman, Dr A. P. Abbott, £16,000 from Dow AgroSciences (Interfacial Recognition and Adsorption Processes);
Professor E. Hope, £301,500 from HEFCE (SRIF - Chemistry) and £51,338 (supp) from the Royal Society (Supplement - University Research Fellow) and £4,200 from the Merck Speciality Chemicals Ltd (Asymmetric Catalysis Using Fluorous Methodologies - Case Studentship);
Professor J. M. Percy, £92,016 from EPSRC (Developing a Useful Diels-Alder Methodology with Difluorinated Dienophiles - Transferred Grant) and £13,400 from GlaxoSmithKline (Generating Perhaloalkyl Compounds Using Solid Phase Chemistry - Studentship - Laurence Oleksik) and £3,000 from GlaxoSmithKline (Ring-closing Metathesis and the Synthesis of Cyclic Difluorocompounds);
Dr A. M. Stuart, £10,340 (supp) from the Royal Society (Supplement - Fluorous-Derivatised Phase Transfer Catalysts);
Professor P. Demetriades, £5,000 from the Nuffield Foundation (Financial Systems and Economic Performance);
Professor S. Pudney, £5,000 from Home Office (Estimating Prevalence of Drug Use);
Dr P. Martin, £3,183 from the British Academy (The Committee for South East Asian Studies - Language, Literacy, and Education in the Kelabit Community in Bario, Sarawak);
Professor A. Osler, £15,908 from the Department for Education and Skills via Bristol University (Evaluation of the Ethnic Minority Achievement Grant (Phase 1);
Professor A. Osler, Dr H. Starkey, £16,806 from UNESCO (Consultancy to Evaluate UNESCO's Pedagogical Materials in the Field of Human Rights Education (HRE);
Professor A. Bendell, Dr L. Boulter, £39,000 from DTI - International Technology Services and Patent Office (DTI - Memorandum Of Understanding between The Patent Office, International Technology Service (DTI) and the University of Leicester);
Professor A Cocks, £4,000 (supp) from DTI via AEA Technology (Research on Powder Compaction Modelling);
Professor J. C. Fothergill, Professor Dissado, £48,955 from EPSRC (Nanocomposite Materials for Dielectric Structures);
Dr T. C. Pearce, £398,340 from CEC (AMOTH - A Fleet of Artificial Chemosensing Moths for Distributed Environmental Monitoring);
Professor I. Postlethwaite, £29,861 from EPSRC (Further Development of an Expert System for the Supervisory Control of Rolling Mills);
Dr R. G. Foulkes, £3,091 from the British Academy (Lewis Carroll and the Victorian Theatre);
Dr S. Ablett, Supplement - Newcastle Pharmacology Studies - £76,223 (supp) from Cancer Research Campaign, Supplement - SIOP Study of the Treatment of Hepatoblastoma Heptocellular Carcinoma in Children) and £38,284 (supp) from Cancer Research Campaign and United Kingdom Children's Cancer Study Group Data Centre (2002) £460,672 from Cancer Research Campaign;
Professor M. Clarke, £15,052 (supp) from the NHS Trent (Supplement - Trent Institute for Health Services Research - Co-ordinator Support);
Ms R. Hancock, £12,000 from Joseph Rowntree (Attitudes to Inheritance - An Exploratory Study);
Ms R. M. Hancock, Value Reported in October/November 2001 Bulletin Supplement (Inequalities in the Health of Older People:  Health Status and its Relationship to Past and Present Material and Social Well Being);
Professor G. Parker, Ms Hilda Parker, £540,499 from the Department of Health (A National Evaluation of the Costs and Outcomes of Intermediate Care Services for Older People);
Professor R. C. Fraser, Supplement to Funding for Clinical Governance R & D Unit 2001/2002 - £151,390 (supp) from Leicestershire Health; and Supplement - Teaching, Monitoring and Evaluation - £14,764 (supp) from East Leicester Medical Practices;
Professor R. Fraser, Dr A. Wilson, £55,000 (supp) from NHS Trent (Supplement - Trent Focus - Leicester Unit);
Dr R. H. Borts, £10,090 (supp) from Wellcome Trust (Supplement - Controlling Elements of Yeast Meiotic Recombination - Their Role in Fidelity of Chromosome Transmission - Senior Research Fellowship in Basic Biomedical Science);
Dr R. Dalgleish, £22,500 from GlaxoSmithKline (Case Studentship - Secreted Phosphoprotein 24 and the Gene which Encodes It);
Professor Sir A. J. Jeffreys, £63,132 (supp) from Royal Society (Supplement - Human Molecular Genetics);
Dr M. Jobling, £138,002 from the Wellcome Trust (Infertility and Sex-Reversal: Direct Molecular Analysis of Sex-Chromosomal Deletions and Translocations in Sperm);
Dr M. Plumb, £99,297 from the Leukaemia Research Fund (Identification of an Imprinted Tumour Suppressor Gene);
Professor R. C. Trembath, £49,407 from the Wellcome Trust (Travelling Fellowship - Molecular Characterisation of Linkage Disequilibrium (LD) Patterns within the Major Psoriasis Susceptibility Region, PSORS1 - Fellow, Dr Capon);
Professor C. P. Kyriacou, Dr P. Moody, £66,884 from BBSRC (Crystallisation Trials for Drosophila Clock Proteins);
Professor Sir A. J. Jeffreys, Dr R. M. Badge, £49,717 from the Wellcome Trust (L1 Retrotransposons, Significant Players in Human Genome Evolution?);
Dr R. H. Borts, Dr R. Korona, £1,543 from the Wellcome Trust (Genetic and Function Determinants of the Mutational Load: Case Study with the Yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae);
Dr S. Page, £46,433 from CEC via ALTERRA B.V. (STRAPEAT - Strategies for Implementing Sustainable Management of Peatlands in Borneo, FP5 - INCO-DEV);
Dr R. V. White, £5,000 (supp) from the Royal Society (Supplement - Were the Permo-Triassic Mass Extinctions Triggered by Massive Silicic Siberian Volcanism? - Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship).
Professor A. D. Saunders, Dr P. D. Kempton, £33,065 from NERC (Controls on the Compositional Dynamics of the Hawaii-Emperor Plume: A Combined Isotope (Sr-Nd-Hf-Pb) and Trace Element Study of Plume Structure and Temporal Evolution);
Mr M. Fitch, Dr A. Wilson, £3,170 from the Chartered Institute for Environmental Health (Water Poverty);
Dr J. R. Hunton, £2,700 from the London Mathematical Society (17th British Topology Meeting);
Professor S. Koenig, £1,000 from London Mathematical Society (Leicester-Oxford-Warwick Studygroup);
Dr N. Snashall, £1,000 from London Mathematical Society (BLOC (Bristol Leicester Oxford Colloquium);
Dr L. Anderson, Dr Wailoo, £22,600 from NCH  Action for Children - Sure Start (Meeting the Needs of Families on St Matthew’s Estate. Working in Partnership with Local Parents);
Dr I. Squire, Professor D. Barnett, £,110(supp) from Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation (Supplement - VALIANT: Valsartan, Captopril or their Combination in High-Risk Patients Post Myocardial Infarction);
Professor N. Samani, £210,000 from HEFCE (SRIF - Equipment);
Professor N. J. Samani, Dr A Goodall, Professor J Pasi, £35,172 from British Heart Foundation(Thrombin Generation Potential in Premature Myocardial Infarction);
Dr S. Kilvington, £25,000 from Allergan Ltd - unreported income (Supplement - Grant in Aid);
Professor K. Nicholson, £618,560.80 from Aventis Pasteur (Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) in the Elderly);
Dr W. Schwaeble, £146,712.33 from Gliatech Medical Inc. (Properdin Deficiency);
Mr R. Sandell, Jocelyn Dodd, £10,000 from The Arts Council of England (“Not for the Likes of You” - Cultural Access Research Project);
Dr J. Konje, £17,0(supp) from Schering Health Care (Supplement - Grant in Aid);
Mr M. Habiba, Dr M. Dixon-Woods, £62,476 from NHS Trent (Informed Consent: Ascertaining Patients' Requirements);
Dr R. A. Sharma, Professor J. K. Mellon, Professor A. J. Gescher, Professor W. P. Steward, £25,000 from the Prostate Research Campaign UK (Gene Expression Associated with Oxidative DNA Damage and Protein Damage in the Pathogenesis of Prostate Cancer);
Professor I. Gottlob, Professor J. Thompson, £5,000 from The Nystagmus Network (The Leicestershire Nystagmus Survey):
Dr H. Pringle, £30,000(supp) from Leicestershire Dermatological RSFD (Supplement - Investigating the Vitamin D-Receptor and Certain Candidate Response Genes);
Dr M. A. Barstow, Ms S. Verbickas, Professor A. Wells, £70,000 from PPARC (Classroom Space - Space Hardware);
Dr A. N. Brunton, £22,230(supp) from PPARC (Supplement - Development of Large Area Silicon Nitride X-ray Windows and Filters);
Professor A. King, £0,791 from the CEC (UKAFF - Access to the UK Astrophysical Fluids Facility); Professor C Norris, £72,758(supp) from the Department for Trade & Industry/Office of Science &   Technology (Supplement - Diamond Synchrotron Project - Interim Scientific Directorship);
Dr J. Remedios, £3,665 from the European Space Agency via CCLRC (ACE - Definition of Observational Requirements for Support to a Future Earth Explorer Atmospheric Chemistry Mission);
Professor T. Brugha, £84,918 from CEC via MGEN (Report on the State of Mental Health in the European Community - Public Health Programme, CEC via MGEN (sub-contract);
Professor M. Reveley, £12,500 from Pfizer Ltd (Ziprasidone Versus Olanzapine in Treatment of Schizophrenia);
Ms V. Tischler, £4,023.50 from Leicester City Council (BLISS Team Research:  Outreach Floating Support Worker Project);
Dr Moran, £75,000 from HEFCE (SRIF);
Dr M. D. Peake, M. Lloyd-Williams, £36,000 from the Macmillan Cancer Relief (Needs Assessment Project);
Mr A. Beck, £12,581from the Russian Ministry of Interior (Visiting Russian Presidential Scholarship);
Professor M. Gill, £1,499,976.57 from the Home Office (Evaluation of CCTV Initiatives);
Dr J. Sung, Professor D. Ashton, £26,800 from the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (Training Survey);
Professor P. R. F. Bell, £5,977 (supp) Leicester General Hospital - unreported income (Supplement - Non Heart Beating Donor Programme - Research Fellowship);
Professor M. L. Nicholson, Mr M. Metcalfe, £29,659 from the National Kidney Research Fund (Renal Transplant Preservation by Normothermic Pulsatile Machine Perfusion Using a Perfluorochemical Based Solution);
Dr S. White, £19,887 from the Diabetes Foundation (Analysis of Alloimmune Responses and Extracellular Matrix Remodelling After Human Islet Allotransplantation Using the Edmonton Protocol);
Professor M. Galinanes, Professor N. Standen, £79,716from Diabetes UK (Sulphonylureas, KATP Channel Openers, and Ischaemic Protection in the Human Normal and Diabetic Myocardium);
Dr R. F. L. James, £46,307(supp) from the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International via University of Sheffield (Supplement - Human beta Cell Lines).

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