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Articles that are free to view are also more frequently shared on Facebook, new research finds

Scottish Parliament

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson says universities ‘hate’ the SNP bill and claims it threatens to end their charitable status

£20,000 essay-writing competition shortlist features two UK scholars

Land survey apprentice

But Sutton Trust analysis says that while learning on the job can be a good alternative to university, too few qualifications are at this degree-equivalent level

Janet Beer University of Liverpool

University of Liverpool vice-chancellor says remarks harm UK’s global reputation

Scholar urges delegates at conference in the Netherlands to use measures like Twitter to measure public engagement, rather than turning them into new metrics

nobel prize winner chemistry

Emeritus Cancer Research UK lab director shares chemistry prize with two US-based researchers for work on DNA

Deeper academic collaboration between Cuba and the United States has now been put on the agenda

Jo Johnson, Minister for Universities and Science

Higher education Green Paper due in the next few weeks, says minister at Conservative Party conference

Home secretary takes swipe at university ‘lobbyists’ but no mention about speculation that she has lost support of Cameron on students being included in net migration count

neutrinos sun bombarded nobel winning scientists

Japanese and Canadian professors awarded prize for their work on ‘nature’s most elusive elementary particles’

David Willetts

Former universities minister criticises colleagues by pointing out irony that to cut participation, it is affluent South where numbers would need to be cut

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is the top UK institution for hosting both international and British students who go on to win Nobel prizes, finds British Council

Money to be set aside for ‘blue skies’ fundamental research

Study abroad scholarship form

Institutions signed up to IIE’s Generation Study Abroad initiative have pledged to create scholarships for under-represented students, says report

Megan Dunn, president of the National Union of Students

Independent audit ordered by president in wake of claims by black students’ officer

Scientists from Japan, China and Ireland awarded for their work tackling parasitic diseases

Heavy Space Utilisation, Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), London

Falmouth deputy v-c’s remarks spur artists’ sharp comment on changes to arts education

The Quality Assurance Agency reviews UK higher education institutions

One of England’s biggest private colleges admitted students ‘who could not complete’ programmes, finds Quality Assurance Agency

Paper claims that medical impact case studies focused on policy impact, not improvement in patient mortality or quality of life