Zhejiang University: a home for healthcare

Children’s Hospital of Zhejiang University School

The Children’s Hospital at Zhejiang (ZUCH) is the largest and most comprehensive centre for paediatric care within Zhejiang province.

This top national children’s hospital welcomes almost 2.5 million outpatient visitors every year, as well as 60,000 inpatient visits and 25,000 surgical cases.

In addition to providing clinical care, ZUCH is also home to key research facilities that specialise in the study of reproduction, genetics, and neonatal disease control and prevention, among many others.

Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital School of Medicine

A first-rate, research-orientated general hospital, run in affiliation with the Zhejiang University School of Medicine, the Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital (SRRSH) spans over 310,000 square meters across both the Qingchun and Xiasha university campuses.

Comprising 2,400 beds, 32 clinical specialties, 77 nursing units, and six technical instruction centres, SRRSH was the first public hospital to be accredited in mainland China.  

Considered to be among the best medical organisation in China to work for, SRRSH is also among the best for its multi-disciplinary diagnosis and treatment provision, as well as the quality of its patient care

The Stomatology Hospital

The Stomatology Hospital at Zhejiang University of Medicine is the only specialist institution of its kind in Zhejiang Province. Comprising research centres dedicated to the advancement of orthodontics, oral implantology and dental hygiene, it also provides clinical services for the local population.

In the past five years, the hospital has won millions in funding, undertaken hundreds of national, provincial and government scientific research projects, and been awarded with nine major science and technology prizes

The First Affiliated Hospital

The First Affiliated Hospital at Zhejiang University School of Medicine (FAHZU) is a general hospital, an educational institute, and a scientific research facility, rolled into one.

Enjoying significant renown at home and abroad, FAHZU ranked 11th* among all of China’s hospitals, in 2015, and eighth in terms of disciplinary impact. It ranked second overall for general surgery.

FAHZU has twice been awarded top honours in the National Award for Science and Technology.

*Source: Top-100 China Hospitals Competitiveness by the Ailibi Hospital Management Research Centre of Hong Kong

The Second Affiliated Hospital

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine (SAHZU), founded in 1869, is one of China’s leading medical centres. Serving around 120,000 inpatients and 3,900,000 outpatients annually, the hospital is a recognised center of excellence, boasting clinical strengths in Ophthalmology, Cardiology, Oncology, Orthopedics, Neurology, Emergency Medicine, among many others.

As the primary teaching hospital at Zhejiang, SAHZU is dedicated to teaching the next generation of health professionals.

Its international knowledge partners include UCLA Medical Centre and the Johns Hopkins Hospital. SAHZU is also the recipient of several national awards for progress in science, technology and innovation

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