INTO University PartnershipsStudying an Engineering degree abroad: A guide for creative problem solvers

Studying an Engineering degree abroad: A guide for creative problem solvers


Will an Engineering degree help me get a job?

The short answer is yes, it’s highly likely to. The future looks good for Engineering graduates as their skills are in high demand worldwide: the number of engineering jobs is increasing, but the number of graduates to fill them is not.

A report by EngineeringUK identified that 124,000 engineers and technicians with core engineering skills will be needed each year by 2024. Yet the shortfall in demand of qualified engineers is estimated at as much as 59,000 annually – and this is in the UK alone. (1)

But before you start dreaming about your amazing engineering career, it’s good to remember that Engineering is a popular degree, with many students wanting to study this exciting subject at university. In the last five years, applications for Engineering courses have increased annually by 5%, compared to just 3% for all other subjects. (2)

However, you can secure your place on an Engineering degree at some of the best universities in the UK by choosing to study a pathway programme first. The great thing about a pathway programme is that it will also prepare you academically for university study abroad and help to improve your English language skills, if needed.


Engineering is everywhere

Now you are reassured that Engineering graduates can enjoy excellent employment prospects, have you ever wondered what engineers actually do?

Engineers create, they design, and they innovate. By using maths, science (especially physics), design and technology, engineers make things work and find solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges – from maintaining clean water supplies, to developing sustainable energy sources, or researching life-saving medical equipment.

Engineering can be found everywhere in our daily lives and beyond, from smartphones to space stations. It’s central to the development of our infrastructure, transport, technologies, health, food and energy to name just a few areas. And it’s a career path where you really could be helping to make a difference.


A career to suit your passions

This exciting profession is no longer viewed as narrow and traditional – it’s challenging, creative and offers many exciting opportunities to graduates. Set your aspirations high and you could build a successful career working at one of the world’s biggest engineering companies. Or follow your passions and work in music, sport, technology, fashion ­– whatever industry you’re interested in, you name it, there’s likely to be an engineering role involved!

Take your pick of exciting disciplines

Just as there are many different industries you could work in, there is also a variety of types of engineering degrees available. You can study for a general Engineering degree, or choose one of the many engineering disciplines, such as aerospace, biomedical, chemical, civil, computer, electrical, mechanical or software engineering. Many of the skills engineers use are common across these disciplines, giving you scope to move between different fields during your career.

An Engineering degree also equips you with plenty of transferable skills that other industries find appealing: use your attention to detail, ability to problem solve and head for numbers in investment banking; your teamworking and project planning skills could help you become the CEO of a multinational company; or apply your logical and practical nature to the world of law.


A bright future for engineers

Perhaps one of the most exciting things about engineering, is that many of the future jobs don’t exist yet. Emerging fields are creating more demand for qualified graduates. Future areas of growth include medical engineering, space and satellite technology, renewable energy and alternative fuels.

Maybe you’ll be developing the next-generation smartphone, engineering the world’s tallest skyscraper or helping improve athletes’ performance. One thing’s for certain, graduate with an Engineering degree and you’ll be rewarded with a wide range of career options across the globe, fantastic progression opportunities and competitive salaries.

Are you now inspired to become an engineer? Here are a few engineering programme options to help you on your way to your dream career:



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