A Guide to Studying Biological Science abroad: From Anatomy to Zoology

What is Biological Science?

Biology, or Biological Science, is the study of life, from humans to animals and plants to bacteria. Biologists are fascinated by the fundamental elements of living things like genetic information and cell behaviour.

In fact, Biology is a broad subject with perhaps one of the largest ranges of sub-disciplines among any degree. Even if you’re not sure which branch of Biology you want to specialise in yet, undergraduate degrees usually give you a broad overview in the first year giving you maximum flexibility to develop your area of interest later on.


Why study Biology abroad?

Biological Science is one of the most popular degree areas in the UK and is also one of the fastest growing, particularly for postgraduate study. With nearly 10% of Biology students in the UK now comprised of international students, you’ll find yourself in a diverse and inclusive student cohort.

In the UK, Biology is part of the so-called STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects, a group of disciplines that are among the best funded in the country. This means you’ll have access to some of the best teachers and facilities a university has to offer.


From fieldwork to paperwork

One of the advantages of studying Biology is the sheer variety of the teaching and learning on offer. There are few other degree subjects that give you the chance to go from walking in the woods to experimenting in a lab with pipettes and petri dishes. Like many other subjects you’ll get to experience the classic university lecture but unlike many others, you’ll get the opportunity to put theory into practice when you’re out in the field.

Experience in a laboratory is vital if you want to pursue a career in your field, consider a degree that offers a placement year as part of your studies. This will give you a chance to get some relevant, practical experience and to pick up some essential key skills. If your degree doesn’t offer a placement year, consider volunteering in an appropriate role.


A portal to postgraduate study

Although you have the option to start your career straight after your degree, Biological Science is the ideal springboard to postgraduate study. Why? Well, for one you’ll be able to specialise in one of Biology’s many disciplines – whether you want to travel the world studying plants (Botany), sea creatures (Marine Biology) or human genes (Genetics) you’ll get more freedom to conduct research of your own in your chosen field. 

So not only will you be out there following your passion and saving the world, you’ll also be picking up some incredibly useful key skills like project management, communication, research, analytical skills and teamwork. Who knows, perhaps you’ll even make a ground-breaking scientific discovery too!


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Statistics taken from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (2017)