Ton Duc Thang University

Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) is a very dynamic university with a research orientation. Our current target is to reach a ranking within the top 60 universities in Asia and consequently a top 500 university in the world. For scientific research, like many prestigious universities in the world, TDTU focuses on three directions: basic research, research applications and technology transfer.

TDTU develops its research based on the 17 faculties, 4 research institutes and 15 centers of technology transfer that cover most of the University disciplines from engineering, technology to natural and social sciences. According to the Web of Science (Clarivate, USA), the 10 strongest fields of TDTU include multidisciplinary materials science, electrical and electronics engineering, applied mathematics, mathematics, physical chemistry, mechanics, multidisciplinary engineering, applied physics, environmental sciences, and computer science-based artificial intelligence.

TDTU is now ranked 1st in Vietnam for basic research, according to the Web of Science. Our target is to not only maintain this position but also to improve our recognition in the region and in the world.