Studiosity is personal learning support for every student, anytime, anywhere, in partnership with leading and innovative universities.

The service is scaled, high-quality, 24/7 academic literacy support, including formative writing feedback, early cohort diagnostics, and referencing help. Critically, Studiosity prioritises user experience and technology acceptance, so not only are your students more confident seeking help, they also want to. Studiosity is designed to be an integrated support experience that safely complements your university's own student experience and brand.

The organisation's sole focus is delivering high-quality learning support, that prioritises the wellbeing of students, university staff, and their own online team. Whether in pursuit of academic integrity, student satisfaction, confidence, success, or increasing student engagement in next tier academic support, research is consistent: Studiosity has a positive impact.

The following collection of articles, videos, and independent research show how Studiosity has made a difference to student success, wellbeing, attainment and retention. To ensure your own students have access, speak to Lewis McKinnon, Studiosity new partnerships