LiberekaOn-Demand Student Video Guides

On-Demand Student Video Guides

Libereka’s on-demand webinars are crisp 15-min videos that are expert-researched and expert-narrated, aggregating and abstracting information that needs more than 40 hours of research time (if done by candidates) into a 15-min on-demand video guide.

The on-demand webinars are data driven and meaningfully designed to help prospective higher-ed applicants globally to make informed decisions about where to study and which programs to choose.

Libereka provides Universities with the opportunity to sponsor these webinars for 6 or 12 months, in order to generate middle of the funnel, pre-engaged, eligible and qualified prospects for their programs.

Libereka on-demand webinars are promoted globally through targeted paid marketing, as well as to the Times Higher Education students' database to deliver a strong and guaranteed cohort to sponsoring schools/ Universities.

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