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Application Immunity


What is Application Immunity?

The Libereka Application Immunity is the world's first such program introduced for students who are keen to apply to International Universities and Business Schools from this year onwards, and carry the risks of external factors such as the COVID-19 Lockdown as a part of their application plan.

The program refunds your application fee to any international University for loss of application due to reasons such as sudden travel restrictions, visa challenges, a complete change in the program delivery mode, or a complete withdrawal of the program by the University.

Who Is Eligible & Which Programs Are Covered ?

The Libereka Application Immunity will cover all postgraduate programs such as - Full-time MBA, Business Masters/ MiM/ MSc in Management, STEM Masters, Law, etc.

If you are eligible to apply to a postgraduate program at your target study destination and program, then you will be eligible to apply for the Application Immunity. However, if you have already applied to a University program, then you cannot get immunity for such applications.

How Does The Immunity Work?

Libereka Application Immunity covers you against external factors impacting your application, which means that your application submission needs to be completed professionally. Libereka's founders and its team of senior admissions experts will manage your entire application submission - including application essays/ motivation letter, CV, recommendation letter, etc. Libereka will also coordinate with the Admissions office throughout so that any risk to your application can be identified immediately and you can get a refund of the application, while starting a new application at an alternate program.

Guaranteed Immunity For Eligible Programs

 Step 1: 


You will need to create your Libereka Profile and verify your identity. Our program manager will call you to discuss your profile, application deadlines, shortlists, etc.

Step 2:

Qualification & Matching

Our Editors & experts will check your degree equivalency and verify your academic documents for FREE, and discuss your fitment over a 1-2-1 video call. The final list of recommended schools/ programs (to potentially get immunity) will be provided as an outcome of this conversation.

Step 3: 

Get Immunity

You will get a max of 5 unique applications covered in a given application season. Libereka will professionally manage your entire application process including the submission to ensure that immunity conditions are satisfied.


For all interested students who are keen to get this immunity, they will have the option to further sign-up for the Full-Admissions-support for all 5 applications by Libereka, (costing $995) and includes application form filling, essays & motivation letter, recommendation letters, application check, interview prep, application submission, CV writing, Visa interview prep, education loan support (if relevant) and coordination with the relevant University for the letter of confirmed admission.

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