National University of Science and Technology (MISiS)NUST MISIS invites you to explore and create new technologies which will change the world.

NUST MISIS invites you to explore and create new technologies which will change the world.

NUST MISIS invites you to explore and create new technologies which will change the world

Admissions to NUST MISIS are open. Situated in the centre of a vibrant capital city of Moscow, The University encompasses 9 institutions and 6 branches, including 2 branches abroad; more than 30 modern R&D laboratories and 3 world-class research centers, where the best world-famous scientists work. NUST MISIS successfully implements joint projects with leading Russian and international high-tech companies.

We offer you 11 Master’s and 2 postgraduate English-taught programmes in the field of science and technology. Acquire knowledge in Advanced Materials Science, Quantum Physics, Nanotechnologies or Science Communication.

This year we have introduced 4 novelties for international students: Master’s programmes in Data Science and Second Language Teaching and Pedagogical Design in Digital Environments, as well as Postgraduate studies in Materials Engineering and Physics and Astronomy.

Take a look at our new programmes.

The Master’s programme in Data Science will suit those interested in working with data in various subject areas. Data Science is one of the most marketable competences nowadays. The NUST MISIS programme is distinguished by the wide use of discrete mathematics for solving applied problems. Here you can learn about artificial intelligence and neural networks, modern storage and data processing hardware, machine learning, and other applied disciplines.

The programme Second Language Teaching and Pedagogical Design in Digital Environments is for you, if you want to be an innovator in the world of education and pursue a career in teaching languages, aim to be a leader in digital technologies, seek an opportunity to upgrade your skills and develop unique teaching materials. There are two modules to choose from: teaching English or Russian as a foreign language. The classes will be conducted by experienced NUST MISIS professors, as well as international experts in the field of education.

NUST MISIS offers scholarships of 17,000 rubles (260 US dollars) to students of English-medium MSc (S.T.E.M.) programs who cover their tuition out of their own funds and 13,000 rubles (200 US dollars) to students-recipients of the Governmental Scholarship with tuition-fee waiver.

The postgraduate program “Physics of Condensed Matter and Quantum Technologies” is supervised by a Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Sergey Mukhin — an international research scientist in the field of quantum order parameters, quantum phase transitions and the theory of electronic quantum phenomena in nanosystems, a student of the Nobel Prize laureate Alexey Abrikosov.

During the studies on the “Metallurgy of non-ferrous metals and alloys” programme young scientists will work in the laboratory “Advanced Green Materials” lead by Akihisa Inoue (h-index-126).

Both postgraduate programmes will give you the opportunity to conduct scientific work as a part of international teams in modern laboratories under the supervision of globally renowned scientists and professors. All postgraduate students can publish articles in the top-rated academic journals included in 1% by SNIP (Nature Materials, Chemical Reviews, Science, Nature Physics etc.).

Every international postgraduate student admitted to NUST MISIS will be given the opportunity to participate in a competition for a researcher-engineer position at one of the University`s leading laboratories with a monthly salary of 50000 rubles (about 760 US dollars).

Both Master’s and Postgraduate students also have an opportunity to study in one of the leading universities of the world for one semester with the scholarship of 40000 rubles (515 US dollars) per month.

All the international students are offered accommodation in the NUST MISIS Commune House – a unique monument celebrating the Constructivism, fully remodeled yet preserved its historical appearance. It is recognized as one of the best student residence hall complexes in Russia. Many international competitions, hakatons and popular science festivals are held there.

Only two kilometers away from the Kremlin, NUST MISIS has a subsidiary of The Tretyakov Gallery and two famous parks (The Gorky Park and The Museon) in the neighborhood. There are more than 5 cafeterias for any tastes on the territory. The prices are very reasonable – 5-6 US dollars for a hearty lunch.

Students are our main value. We believe that they will change the world and determine the future of our planet. We are waiting for you to become a part of the team to write the history!

NUST MISIS – University of Science and Technology.

Apply for Master’s and Postgraduate English-Taught Programmes in our University!

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