National Cheng Kung University

Interdisciplinary innovation and effective academia–industry cooperation

National Cheng Kung University takes “Pursuit of truth through exhaustive reasoning” as its motto. The university features a down-to-earth academic climate conducive to the steadfast pursuit of knowledge and truth. NCKU has laid the foundation for engineering, and developed the arts and sciences. Not long ago in the university’s history, the medical schools, social science colleges, art centres and museums were established to develop a comprehensive and global university. We value holistic education, and provide animated, stimulating and provocative teaching that emphasises cross-disciplinary learning. NCKU’s ability to combine research and development with industry needs is a model for higher education institutions. Looking to the future, NCKU emphasises three areas of focus: talent cultivation, field characteristics development and sustainable infrastructure. And all of this is be achieved within a core vision of improving people’s quality of life, social care and developing industry.