Macau University of Science and TechnologyStudying Macau and Committing to the Society

Studying Macau and Committing to the Society

The Institute for Social and Cultural Research (ISCR) – Commitment to developing a platform of Macao’s Humanities and Social Science Research

ISCR was established in December 2010. It’s a key research institute in Macau University of Science and Technology. Prominent scholars in concerning fields are engaged for the common academic course. Besides, an efficient crew of full-time and part-time researchers stand solid for teaching and research of the institute.

ISCR features a research strategy in accordance with the social, historical and cultural significance of Macau. We organize full-scale academic communication and cooperation with research institutions in Macau, from periphery and around the world. With these capacities combined, ISCR endeavors to build an advantaged research platform for interested scholars and to offer original and meaningful research findings for local and international academics.


Section 1  –  Programs


PhD Degree in International Relations: 
This program aims at training professionals specialized in international relations and social science research in this particular field.

Doctor of Philosophy in History:
This program is teaching-based, ability-oriented and innovation-driven. It aims at cultivating high-level professionals with excellent academic morality, broad academic vision, solid theoretical foundation, profound humanistic cultivation, systematic professional knowledge and continuous innovative spirit.


Section 2 - Influential Publications

  • Blue Book of Macau (2017-2018) provides suggestions on the aspect of economic and trade cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking countries.
  • Green Book of Macau (2018-2019) provides suggestions on the aspect of travel and leisure in Macao.
  • Blue Book of Macau (2018-2019) provides suggestions on the aspect of marine development of Macao.


Section 3  –  Academic Cooperation Accord


In order to provide better learning resources for our doctoral students and to enhance high-level research atmosphere in ISCR, we have signed agreement with some prestigious institutions such as Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, GuangDong Academy of Social Sciences, Ocean University of China.


Section 4  –  Industry-University-Research Collaboration


Based on the needs for locally and regionally social and commercial development, there are some cooperation and interactions enhanced between ISCR and other entities such as Bringbuys and Beihai Court of International Arbitration, in which ISCR plays a role in providing suggestions and strategy planning upon their enquiry.     


Section 5  –  The Macao Ocean Development Research Center


The Macao Ocean Development Research Center, the Ministry of Education of China Partner key research base, partner with the Ocean University of China, is under The Institute for Social and Cultural Research.


Section 6  –  Award-winning book

Soul of Macau: Chinese Merchants and Chinese Communities in Macau in Late Qing, works of ISCR’s director Professor Lin Guangzhi, won The 5th Outstanding Achievement Awards for Macao Research in Humanities and Social Sciences.


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