Lingnan University Hong Kong

RESEARCH at Lingnan University: Impact with CARE

Lingnan University has a strong commitment to developing successful interdisciplinary research, forging international collaborations and partnerships, and ensuring that our research effectively informs teaching and knowledge transfer (KT) besides contributing to academia.

The tagline Impact with CARE encapsulates our research aspirations and summarises succinctly the nature and the scope of research conducted at Lingnan: Committing to Society (research theme of Social Sciences), Advancing Entrepreneurship (in Business research), Revitalising Heritage (in Arts research), and Embracing Sustainability (interdisciplinary research spanning various areas of human endeavours).

  • LU’s Commitment to UN’s SDGs 
  • Impact with Care Video Series
  • Lingnan University’s award-winning CREW Wheelchair Control System 
  • The 12° Mask, Lingnan’s design for hearing-impaired people 
  • A new open-access database on the history of films shown in colonial Hong Kong 
  • Novel Reproductive Behaviour Discovered
  • Gerontechnology and Smart Ageing
  • Greater Bay Area Collaborative Research
  • Global Higher Education Research
  • Revitalising Heritage