HSE University

Research and Innovation at HSE University

HSE University (National Research University Higher School of Economics) is one of the largest research centres in Eastern Europe. The university carries out fundamental and applied research projects in economics, management, sociology, political science, philosophy, international relations, Asian studies, media studies, and urban studies.  HSE University also actively engages in research in mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry, biology, bioinformatics, and neuroscience.

HSE operates more than 100 research institutes and centres, along with around 40 international laboratories headed by top foreign scholars, including Nobel Laureate Eric Maskin and Fields Medal Laureate Andrey Okunkov. HSE University develops collaborations with renowned research institutions and organizations such as Russian Academy of Science, leading Russian medical centres, Roskosmos, CERN, and the World Bank.

Among HSE’s most notable research achievements are the advances made in

The university’s faculty members contribute greatly to the development and implementation of social and economic reforms in Russia by providing expert consultation and analysis to the Russian government, the business community, and NGOs.