Nankai University: #1 in Tianjin

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Teaching Excellence 

Reforming the Talent Training Model with an internationalization vision

The new training mode allows for NKU colleges to implement a comprehensive undergraduate enrollment reform according to the first-grade disciplines, creating more opportunities for the individual development of students.  The 5+3+X model is consisted of Scheme of Leading Talent Training in Basic Sciences (Boling Program, named after the founding President of Nankai University, Mr. Zhang Boling), Inter-disciplinary Talent  Training Programs, and College specialty Programs and Sino-foreign joint education programs. The Boling Program covers five disciplines of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and economics. For the Inter-disciplinary Talent Training Programs, there are three pilot schemes covering the disciplines of Economics, business administration, law, political science, philosophy, history, etc.

Program on Economics, Management and Laws, Pilot Scheme on Philosophy, Politics and Economics, and Pilot Scheme Combining Liberal Disciplines and a less commonly taught Language Major. X refers to some college specialty Education programs and Sino-foreign joint education programs covering the disciplines of pharmacy, artificial intelligence, computer science, urban management, materials science, finance, environmental health and optoelectronics.

Promoting the use of English as medium of instruction (EMI) for academic subjects offered by our university. EMI has been implemented for undergraduate courses in Business schools, Medical schools, and Chinese Language and Culture College. Now we will focus on the implementation of EMI courses for disciplines included in the "Double First-Class" initiative

Nankai UniversityThe illustration of 5+3+X model of talent cultivation 

Launching Nankai University-Glasgow University Joint Graduate School. It is a Chinese-foreign cooperative education institution approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education. In 2015, it began to recruit full-time graduate students.  Four majors have been offered: International Relations, Regional Economics (Urban and Regional Planning), Environmental Science, and English Language and Literature (Translation and Professional Practice).

Nankai UniversityInaugural Ceremony of Nankai University-University of Glasgow Joint Graduate School 

Nankai University2018 Graduation and Master Degree Awarding Ceremony of Nankai University-University of Glasgow Joint Graduate School

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Achievements in scientific and technological innovation

Significant progress has been made as scientific research at NKU becomes more oriented towards the cutting-edge research fields and meeting the real demand.

In the past 2 years, a research team led by Professor Chen Yongsheng has made a major breakthrough using organic and solution-processed tandem solar cells to set a record of 17.3% in the conversion efficiency. Their work is published as ‘Organic and solution-processed tandem solar cells with 17.3% efficiency‘ in Science journal, available online.

Nankai UniversityProfessor Chen Yongsheng and his team published their work in Science journal as “Organic and solution-processed tandem solar cells with 17.3% efficiency” in 2018

Academician Professor Zhou Qilin developed a new chiral ligand and catalyst to raise the efficiency and selectivity of chiral synthesis to a new height, an outstanding contribution to synthetic chemistry. He himself won the "Physical Science Award" of the 2018 "Future Science Prize", also known as China’s version of Nobel Prize.

Academician Professor Zhang Weiping's paper "Positive Scalar curvature on foliations" was published in the world's leading mathematics journal, Annals of Mathematics.

A research team led by Professor Zhao Xin has successful cloned pigs for the first time using robotic micro-operation technology.

Nankai UniversityAcademician Professor Zhou Qilin won the "Physical Science Award" of the 2018 "Future Science Prize"

Nankai UniversityProfessor Zhou Qilin gave a presentation on his research over privileged chiral ligand catalysts

The Sino-Canada Joint R&D Center for Water and Environmental Safety was established by Nankai University and Canada Water Technology Exchange (CWTX), and 37 eminent professors in water and environment
research from 22 universities in Canada are currently participating in the R&D activities at the Center.

Nankai UniversityThe opening ceremony of Sino-Canada Joint R&D Center for Water and Environmental Safety  

Based on a three-tier system, our liberal arts research has launched a large number of high-level research findings, thus becoming an active player in the CPC party and government decision-making process. This is in line with our mission of "knowing China to serve China"

Nankai University

Inauguration Ceremony of Collaborative Innovation Center for Socialist Economy with Chinese Characteristics co-hosted by (1) Nankai University, (2) Nanjing University and the (3) Institute of Statistical Science of National Bureau of Statistics

Between 2011 and 2017, the University has won the bid for 58 major projects funded by the National Social Science Fund and the Ministry of Education's major research projects on philosophy and social sciences, ranking 6th among universities in China.

Nankai UniversityFrom 2011 to 2016, Nankai University ranked among the top 10 universities in the country on the ownership rankings of the total number of CSSCI papers published.

Nankai University 
Ranking of CSSCI papers published by NKU

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