THE ConsultancyIntroducing THE Student Pulse

Introducing THE Student Pulse

THE Student Pulse

THE’s new research resource, THE Student Pulse, provides insight from students around the world

The THE Consultancy team is delighted to introduce our new research resource, THE Student Pulse, a global panel of prospective international students.

THE‘s unique position as a trusted source of information for students and parents seeking information about where and what to study has allowed us to create THE Student, the new digital home for students. It is from this new community of more than 14 million student visitors to the THE website that the Student Pulse community is drawn.

This research panel, comprising students and prospective students from across the globe, provides unique access to the international student community. We are excited to use the panel to give a platform to the most important voice in international higher education: the students.

As a research panel and student community that is growing by more than 7,000 panelists each month, THE Student Pulse provides access to the sought-after Generation Z audience from every corner of the world and from every level of study.

We have begun to harness the power of THE Student Pulse to better understand students’ views about sustainability and to create an international student recruitment policy briefing. We are excited about the myriad potential uses of the panel.

We are able to generate insights using online surveys, tracker surveys, qualitative interviews, focus groups and through online communities. We are happy to discuss potential uses of this vital research resource with anybody looking to access the student community.

For further information about THE Student Pulse, please download our brochure here.

Contact the THE Consultancy team for more information about how it provides strategic, data-driven guidance to universities and governments globally and for more information about the THE Student Pulse.

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