September 29, 1995

UNIVERSITY OF LEICESTER. Charities. Dr D. Twell, Pounds 79,256 from the Royal Society (research fellowship); Professor G. Dover, Pounds 128,391 from the Wellcome Trust (an experimental analysis of molecular coevolution between 'segmentation' genes involved with insect embryogenesis); Dr G. Ferns, Pounds 101,876 from the British Heart Foundation (investigation of the role of PDGF and bFGF in the intimal response to balloon catheter injury).

Research contracts

I. Woodward, Pounds 52,775 from the Department of Employment (development of accreditation systems for postgraduate level qualifications through workplace learning); Dr R. Scott, Pounds 244,393 from Nickerson BIOCEM (development of an artificial male sterility system); Mr R. Dickinson, Pounds 70,349 from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Fisheries (television and food choice, analyses of the eating habits of young people).

Research grants

Professor G. Roberts, Pounds 298,940 from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (high field NMR spectroscopy: protein structure and interactions); Professor A. Jeffreys and Dr A. Collick, Pounds 73,615 from the Medical Research Council (methods for detecting new mutations in DNA to understand processes of mutation in human pedigrees and monitor the effects of environmental agents); Professor D. Taylor with Dundee University, Pounds 64,100 from the MRC (clinical and economic evaluation of antibiotics in preterm labour and rupture of membranes before 34 weeks gestation); Dr J. Fothergill with King's College, London, Pounds 172,995 (experimental determination of the dynamics of space charge development in insulators).

University of St Andrews. Charities. Professors D. Gani, R. Hay and Dr F. Riddell, Pounds 664,722 from the Wellcome Trust (high resolution 500 MHz facility to support biomolecular research); Dr S. Homans, Pounds 199,822 from the Wellcome Trust (stable isotope assisted NMR studies on the solution properties of the sialyl-Lewis X oliogosaccharide and its interaction with E selection); Professor M. Rugg, Pounds 81,900 from the Wellcome Trust (study of the neuropsychology of normal human memory: parallel ERP and PET studies); Dr J. Anderson, Pounds 73,058 from the Royal Society of Edinburgh (research fellowship); Professor D. Gani, Pounds 51,019 from the Wellcome Trust (study of cis-trans-prolylpeptide isomerism - effects on the structure and self-cleavage of picornavirus polyproteins in polyprotein processing); Dr S. Homans, Pounds 90,420 from Lister (Institute's Centenary fellowship); Dr N. Dale, Pounds 73,708 from the Royal Society (Locke research fellowship);

Dr A. Magurran, Pounds 60,929 from the Royal Society (university research fellowship); Dr R. Field, Pounds 110,031 from Wellcome Trust (mechanistic studies on a parasitic trans-sialidase involved in regulation of cell invasion); Professor A. Davies, Pounds 105,074 from Action Research (investigation of neuronal specificity of non-neutrophin neurotrophic factors and regulation of expression of their receptors); Dr A.K. Tobin, Pounds 67,777 from the Royal Society (Royal Society University Research Fellowship); Dr R.E. Randall, Pounds 118,259 from Wellcome Trust (paramyxoviruses, immunity and disease iii) Dr S.W. Homans, Pounds 78,296 from Wellcome Trust (structure and dynamics in solution of oligosaccharides involved in infectious disease): Dr J.H. Naismith, Pounds 60,000 from Wellcome Trust (equipment for the initiation of an x-ray crystallography laboratory); Professor M.D. Rugg, Pounds 52,717 from Wellcome Trust (investigation of human memory with event-related brain potentials).

Research contracts

Drs J. Lesurf and G. Smith, Pounds 139,362 from the Defence Research Agency (free space ferrite planar isolators 10-20GHZ); Professors H. Dunn and W. Sibbett, Pounds 57,577 from the DRA (high energy/high mean power tunable sources); Dr C. Little, Pounds 80,000 from Urenco (copper vapour lasers (supplement)); Dr S. Homans, Pounds 65,018 from Martek Biosciences Corporation (stable isotope-assisted NMR studies on glycoproteins); Professor W. Sibbett, Pounds 196,625 from the Defence Research Agency (development of high-current electron sources for high power microwave applications); Professor D. Gani, Pounds 120,000 from Organon Teknika (developing combinational libraries); Professor M. Johnston, Pounds 66,247 from NHS Executive R & D Programme (measuring emotional, disability, handicap and quality of life outcomes): Dr R.G.W. Prescott, Pounds 50,000 from National Historic Ship Committee/NMM (towards a national policy on historic ships).

Research grants. Dr J. Irvine, Pounds 148,695 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (synthesis and characterisation of novel NBIII/NBIV perovskite related oxides); Professor G. Cottrell, Pounds 145,644 from the Medical Research Council (analysis of the ligand-gated ion channel activated by dopamine in helisoma neurones); Dr R. Connor, Pounds 131,148 from EPSRC (advanced fellowship); Drs G. Cramb and N. Hazon, Pounds 126,7 from the Natural Environment Research Council (control of osmoregulation during the development of elvers and juvenile eels in different environmental salinities); Professor P. Riedi, Pounds 108,497 from EPSRC (NMR investigation of the structure and magnetism of thin films and small particles); Professor D. Cole-Hamilton, Pounds 97,052 from EPSRC (synthesis and characterisation of quantum dots using polymer bound metal alkyls);

Professor D. Gani, Pounds 85,767 from EPSRC (ROPA: design, synthesis and properties of mechanism based inhibitors of inositol monophosphatase); Professor P. Bruce, Pounds 76,803 from EPSRC (ROPA: AB initio structure from powder diffraction data); Dr S. Homans, Pounds 120,564 from BBSRC (substrate specificity of glycosyltransferases in the control of protein glycosylation); Dr M. Jardine, Pounds 67,247 from Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (advanced fellowship); Professors M.H. Dunn, W. Sibbett and Dr B.D. Sinclair, Pounds 407,062 from EPSRC (SCIOS project-laser sources); Professor D. Gani, Pounds 135,676 from EPSRC (synthesis, conformational stability and properties of cis-peptidyl prolinamides); Professor M.H. Dunn and Professor W. Sibbett, Pounds 126,190 from ESPRC (teaching company programme between University of St Andrews and Edinburgh Instruments Ltd); Dr C.D. Todd, Pounds 115,212 from the NERC (larval settlement of hard substratum epifaunal marine invertebrates: the influence of biofilms and previous settlers); Dr A.W. Hood and Professor E.R. Priest, Pounds 103,201 from PPARC (exploitation of data from the CDS & SUMER instruments of soho); Professor K. Horne, Pounds 92,671 from PPARC (echo mapping of broad emission line regions in active galactic nuclei);

Professor K. Horne, Pounds 92,671 from PPARC (mapping the physical structure of quiescent and outbursting accretion discs).

European funds. Professor I. Johnson, Pounds 341,700 from CEC (minimising the interaction of culture and wild fish: a comprehensive evaluation of the use of sterile, triploid, atlantic salmon); Dr C. Little, Pounds 75,385 from CEC (new generation lasers for high precision materials processing); Professor S. Buckland, Pounds 56,325 from CEC (spatio-temporal models for improving biomass estimates of mackerel and horse mackerel).

UNIVERSITY OF BRADFORD. Research contract. Professor J. Oakland, Pounds 200,000 from SABIC (chair in best practice management).

European funds. Professor A. Wronski, Pounds 248,678 from the European Commission (wear-resistant sintered gear wheels).


Research grant. Dr J. Cater, Pounds 80,000 from the Higher Education Funding Council for England (higher education for students from disadvantaged groups).

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