August 11, 1995

UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL. Research contracts. Dr I. Harvey, Pounds 99,896 from the South-West Regional Health Authority (a study of factors associated with variation in prescribing costs among general practitioners); Dr D. Gunnell, Pounds 50,000 from the United Bristol Healthcare NHS Trust (inner city locality primary care mental health project evaluation), Dr J. Donovan, Pounds 52,066 from the NHS Executive (systematic review of detection, management and screening for prostatic carcinoma);

Dr M. Billingham, Pounds 240,000 from Lilly Research Centre Limited (senior research fellowship for Dr Billingham); Professor J. Golding, Pounds 226,8 from the National Institutes of Health (infant sleep position and SIDS risk); Professor A. Goodship, Pounds 82,000 from the Ciba-Gelay Ltd (a pilot study in sheep to investigate the effect of the biphosphonate CGP 42 446 on prosthesis loosing); Dr M. Hinton, Pounds 215,084 from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (verification of hygiene control points in red meat abattoirs); Dr M. Wood, Pounds 176,035 from the MAFF (synthesis of saxitoxin); Dr D. Grant, Pounds 63,304 from the Ministry of Defence (power conditioning); Professor M. Lowson, Pounds 61,478 from the Ministry of Defence (rotor wake visulation for higher harmonic control);

Dr R. Richardson, Pounds 60,219 from the Ministry of Defence (X-ray studies of liquid crystal ploymers); Dr E. Barret, Pounds 1,180 from the Department of the Environment (North Sea rainfall and sea state climatology - analysis of satellite image data); Dr A. Vann, Pounds 101,004 from the Department of the Environment, Building Research Establishment (in-service structural monitoring of Park Row bulding, Bristol); Professor P. Parsloe, Pounds 166,845 from the Department of Health (involving users in assessing social work students: a piot study); Mr C. Harvey, Pounds 210,256 from the Overseas Development Natural Resources Institute (primary education development project - Belize); Dr W. Billington, Pounds 500,000 from SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals (antiviral research);

Dr J. Goodwin, Pounds 105,538 from ICI Paints (sterically mediated reversible heteroflocculation of colloidal particles); Professor J. Golding, Pounds 258,900 from the National Institute of Health to the Department of Child Health (effects of drinking and nursing - an epidemiology study); Dr E. Barrett, $94,990 from the Universities Space Research Association (the wetnet project: rainfall algorithm intercomparison and development).

Research Grants Professor G. Collingridge, Pounds 184,811 from the Medical Research Council (cellular and molecular mechanisms); Professor J. Golding, Pounds 92,631 from the MRC (can genetic variation explain Barkers observations concerning fetal growth and adult coronary disease); Professor G. Eglinton, Pounds 1,596 from the Natural Environment Research Council and University of Swansea (glacial/interglacial variations in carbon cycling by tropical ecosystems: evidence from altitudinal transect of East African lakes);

Dr R. Parkes, Pounds 135,525 from the NERC (why do readily biodegradable organic compounds survive to be preserved as ancient biomolecules); Dr G. Nickless, Pounds 80,592 from the NERC (direct determination of selected very volatile organics using a real-time portable gas chromatography; Dr R. Lowe, Pounds 141,320 from Economic and Social Research Council (from Anderson to Fulton: policy-making in Whitehall 1942-66); Dr M. Wisnom, Pounds 5,880 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (computing equipment for design manufacture intergration; Professor T. Simpson, Pounds 162,820 from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (in vitro studies of type II polyketide synthases components - control of polyketide chain assembly cyclisation); Dr J. Rayner, Pounds 160,884 from the BBSRC (computational fluid dynamic modelling of vortex wake generation and evolution in flying birds and bats); Dr P. Wood, Pounds 79,332 from BBSRC (kinetic measurements for understanding how brown rot fungi exploit the production of hydroxyl radicals);

Dr R. Apps, Pounds 360,752 from the Medical Research Council (the study of the anatomy and physiology of specific olivocerebellar pathways that are important in the control of limb movements); Dr C. Stokes, Dr D. Harbour and Dr T. Gruffydd-Jones, Pounds 0,238 from the MRC (mucosal vaccination and immunopathology with FIV); Dr R. Brady, Pounds 219,778 from the MRC (structural studies of HIV related proteins); Professor P. Robert, Pounds 116,393 from the MRC (Pharmacological investigation and characterisation of metabotropic glutamate receptors (mGlirs) in the central nervous system); Dr C. Proud, Pounds 105,084 from the MRC (molecular mechanisms involved in modulating phosphorylation of the cap-binding translation factor ELF-HE); Dr M. Benton, Pounds 70,829 from the Natural Environment Research Council (taxonomy, phylogery and fossil quality of lower jurrasic plesiosavria); Dr B. Foster, Pounds 1,041,334 from the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (experiments at Desy (Zeus) and preparation of experiments LHC (CMS) of SSC (SDC) of detector development work); Professor M. Springford, Pounds 243,023 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (quantum oscillatory study of the mixed states); Dr A. Orr-Ewing, Pounds 143,188 from the EPSRC (alignment and orientation-resolved differential cross sections for reaction photodissociation products); Dr M. Alam, Pounds 140,437 from the EPSRC (positron studies of permi surface topology in heavy fermion compounds and CR based transition metal alloys); Dr D. Smith, Pounds 135,916 from the EPSRC (the role of shear and constraint in mixed mode ductile fracture);

Dr J. Jeffrey, Pounds 128,602 from the EPSRC (synthesis structural characterisation and application of new optically active transition-metal alkylidyne complexes); Professor J. McCleverty, Pounds 128,602 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (electrochemical magnetic and photochemical studies on very large coordination complexes of high nuclearity); Dr R. Alder, Pounds 122,602 from the EPSRC (bridgehead carbon chemistry in medium-ring bicyclic compounds), Pounds 122,570 from the EPSRC (flexible polymers with precisely controlled geometries); Dr D. Bull, Pounds 121,167 from the EPSRC (genetic synthesis of reduced complexity video signal processing algorithms and architectures); Professor D. Blockley, Pounds 112,852 from the EPSRC (life cycle management to avoid technological failure); Professor P. Partridge, Pounds 111,997 from EPSRC (ROPA: to develop innovative diamond fibres leading to composites);

Dr D. Smith, Pounds 104,344 from the EPSRC (high temperature crack growth cyclically hardening engineering alloys); Dr A. Champneys, Pounds 99,259 from EPSRC (homoclinic orbits and localised buckling of axially-compressed cylindrical shells); Dr N. Allan,Pounds 98,029 from the EPSRC (polar solids at high temperatures and pressures - thermoisynamics, kinetics and mechanisms); Dr G. Norton, Pounds 90,357 from the EPSRC (soft-design decoding of 2-D codes); Dr J. Eastoe, Pounds 72,152 from the EPSRC (dynamics of surfactant adsorption); Dr G. Neilson, Pounds 51,582 from the EPSRC (neutron scattering studies of aqueous solutions near their critical points and at supercritical temperatures); Dr S. Halford, Pounds 151,248 from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (chemistry of ECORV action on DNA); Dr J. Holly, Pounds 122,450 from the BBSRC (regulation of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF) availability);

Dr G. Jones, Pounds 118,676 from the BBSRC (the interactions between echolocating bats and tympanate moths); Dr C. Holmes, Pounds 69,486 from the MRC (selective abrogation of resistance of complement in tumours); Dr C. Stokes, Pounds 62,536 from the MRC (mucosal vaccination and immunopathology with FIV); Dr J. Blundy, Pounds 89,479 from the Natural Environment Research Council (a computer simulation study of trace element partitioning between minerals and melts)

continued next week

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