March 22, 1996

UNIVERSITY OF PLYMOUTH. Charities. Drs A. Demaine and A. Millward, Pounds 65,984 from the Diabetes Foundation (investigation of the genetic susceptibility to diabetic neuropathy in patients with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus); Drs M. Donkin and D. Price, Pounds 52,718 from the Wellcome Trust (role of natural environmental stresses in the cellular stress response of marine macroalgae to chemical pollutants).

Research contracts. Drs S. Hill and A. Fisher, Pounds 52,398 from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries (study of the effects of environmental factors on the leaching rates of biocides from antifouling coatings to improve environmental assessments); Professor D. Mapps, $106,000 from Hewlett Packard (USA) (thin film magnetoresistive read while write head technology). The following sums were contracted for teaching company programmes: Drs M. Akhter, S. McCabe and G. Crocker, Pounds 157,955 from EPSRC and Omitec Thin Films Ltd; Messrs T. Biss, D. Smith and J. Pearce, Pounds 80,120 from the Teaching Company Directorate and Smirthwaite Ltd; Drs R. Burns, S. Grove, G. Wilson and Mr A. Stamp, Pounds 160,240 from the Teaching Company Directorate and Spinnaker Ltd; Drs P. Culverhouse, R. Burns and Mr T. Mangles, Pounds 156.760 from the Teaching Company Directorate and Bassett Group; Messrs M. Fitzpatrick, P. Nurse and Dr R. Burns, Pounds 75,640 from the Teaching Company Directorate and Coutant Lambda Ltd; Drs S. Grove, D. Plane and Mr D. Short, Pounds 159,995 from the EPSRC and AMP(GB); Messrs F. Mayne, P. Melhuish, J. Pearce and Dr S. McCabe, Pounds 80,120 from the Teaching Company Directorate and Mercury Computing Ltd; Mr S. Rainbow, Pounds 165,740 from the Teaching Company Directorate and Valeport Ltd.

Research grants: Dr A. Chadwick and Professor C. Fleming, Pounds 171,150 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (study of offshore breakwaters using the CRF and Elmer field data); Drs A. Chadwick, P. Bird and Professor G. Bullock, Pounds 56,593 from EPSRC (analytical and field studies of wave transformation and attenuation processes around rock island breakwaters); Dr P. James, Pounds 59,908 from EPSRC (production of validated models for the design of wave plate demisters); Professor S. Rowland, Pounds 81,942 from the Natural Environment Research Council (ROPA) (investigation of the use of highly branched isoprenoid alkenes as environmental markers); Professor G. Winch, Dr R. Maull and Mr J. Pearce, Pounds 120,170 from the Economic and Social Research Council (computer aided visioning in preparation for fundamental industry change).

European grants. Professor T. Wilkin, Ecu 293,000 (contribution of genetic and early environmental factors to the development of type 1 diabetes (Earlybird). Professor Bill Cole, Pounds 265,000 from the EU, joint award with the Technical University of Warsaw, Poland in partnership with the University of Galway and Teesside University (exchange project for business studies).

UNIVERSITY OF EAST LONDON. Charities. Professor F. Rose and Dr R. Hallam, Pounds 40,000 from the Hearing Research Trust (a neuropsychological investigation of the cognitive difficulties experienced by people with tinnitus); Professor P. Bach, Pounds 36,180 from the Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research (biokinetics of flourescent molecules in full-term human placental trophoblast cells and intact precision-cut placental slices - research studentship).

Research contracts. Dr I. Morrissey and Professor D. Edwards, Pounds 59,850 from Roussel UCLAF (action of quinlones on streptococcus pneumoniae - research studentship); Mr D. Vincent, Pounds 75,175 from the National Foundation for Education Research (development and standardisation of the British spelling test series); Dr O. Scott, Pounds 330,000 from the North Thames Regional Health Authority (investigation into the controlled evaluation of aerobic training and electrical stimulation on functional rehabilitation of brain-injured patients), a multi-centre project with Dr R. Greenwood, Homerton Hospital.

Research grants. Dr M. Vitkovitch, Pounds 26,200 from the Economics and Social Research Council (inhibitory processes in picture naming); Professor C. Lawrence, Pounds 76,000 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (low energy/cost whole pipe test for development and routine evaluation of large bore plastic pipes).

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