January 5, 1996

UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH Charities Dr D. Finnegan, Pounds 52,957 from the Wellcome Trust (molecular studies of transposition in drosophila); Dr P. Fantes, Pounds 44,453 from the Cancer Research Campaign (the wis 1 protein kinase of fission yeast); Dr S. Winder, Pounds 458,373 from the Wellcome Trust (development of the drosophila peripheral nervous system);

Professor D. Brock, Pounds 63,363 from the Cystic Fibrosis Trust (role of general practitioners in cystic fibrosis carrier screening); Dr J. McBride, Pounds 52,9 from the Wellcome Trust (strain-specific human immune responses to the amalria paraside Plasmodium falciparum); Dr A Read, Pounds 9,037 from The Royal Society (parasite evolutionary biology).

Research contracts

Dr S. Walker, Pounds 3,50 0 from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (impact of the City of Glasgow Bank on auditing); Drs W. Finlayson and I. Ralston, Pounds 3,385 from Highland Regional Council (excavation - Easter Raitts Settlement, Badenoch), Pounds 1,125 from Strathclyde Regional Council (supplement in support of research) and, with A. Dunwell, Pounds 975 from Historic Scotland (Down Law Fort), Pounds 3,425 from Teague Homes (supplement in support of research); Dr G. Coles, Pounds 10,000 from Historic Scotland (supplement in support of research); Professor K. Fox, Pounds 13,843 from Rhone Poulenc Rorer (unstable angina project, part 2);

Dr J. Christy, Pounds 6,701 from Medtronic Inc. (assessment of thrombus deposition on heart valves); Dr G. Tennant, Pounds 39,300 from an unnamed sponsor (research work on new organic material); Dr E. Marchant, Pounds 70,000 from Historic Scotland (commission into fire protection in Scottish historic buildings and production of a technical advice note); Dr M. Dennis, Pounds 262,728 from Scottish Office HHD Chief Scientist Office (develop and test a system of monitoring the quality and effectiveness of hospital stroke services in Scotland by routinely measuring patient outcomes); Dr R. Taylor, Pounds 3,457 from the SOHHD (validation of brief neuropsychological screening test); Professor C. Warlow, Pounds 750 from SOHHD (supplement in support of research); Mr I. Whittle, Dr R. Taylor and Ms A. Thomson, Pounds 109,406 from SOHHD Chief Scientist Office (towards effective assessment of right hemisphere language and communication in stroke and brain tumour); Dr P. Sandercrock, Pounds 5,207,7 from Glaxo/Wellcome (in support of research); Professor J. Miller, Pounds 65,000 from Roche Products Ltd (in support of research) and Pounds 78,207 from Synthelabo (supplement); Professor R. Burstall, Pounds 13,500 from Harlequin Ltd (applications of a type theory based proof assistant);

Professor J. Hunter, Pounds 12,826 from Shepherd and Wedderburn (supplement); Professor J. Hunter, Pounds 243 from the Health and Safety Executive (joint project dermatology/respiratory/ medicine unit and pathology); Professor N. Entwistle and Mrs A. Napuk, Pounds 955 from the Scottish Office Education Department (supplement in support of English/mathematics research); Professor M. Jack, Pounds 7,000 from British Telecom (intelligent dialogues for automated telephone services) and Pounds 35,000 from Texas Instruments (in support of research); Ms M. Maxwell, Pounds 54,900 from the Primary Care Development Fund (North West Edinburgh community mental health services project); Professor J. Howie and Dr S. Wyke, Pounds 88,992 from the King's Fund Institute (evaluation of GP total purchasing pilot sites); Dr R. Healey, Pounds 5,000 from Lothian Health Board (supplement in support of research); Drs I. Main, S. Elphic and G. Shimmield, Pounds 47,360 from the Department of Trade and Industry (supplement); Professor A. Bird, Pounds 104,064 from the Human Frontiers Science Programme (control of DNA methylation in eukayotes).

Research grants

Dr R. Fisher, Pounds 2,833 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (supplement in support of research); Professor L. Thomas, Pounds 2,400 from EPSRC (stochastic modelling in innovative manufacturing UK-Japanese research workshop); Dr D. Marshall, Pounds 5,375 from the Economic and Social Research Council (marriage menu - food and diet in transition after marriage); Mr W. Gillies, Pounds 9,870 from ESRC (children's acquisition of Scottish Gaelic grammar);

Dr N. Macleod, Pounds 10,000 from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (supplement in support of research); Dr N. Turner, Pounds 56,221 from Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (development of novel reduction systems using whole cell biocatalysis), Pounds 20,364 from BBSRC (investigation of enzymatic synthesis of Nerplanicin A and Asteramycin), Pounds 87,550 from BBSC (chemo-enzymatic synthesis of oligosaccharide glycoconjugates), Pounds 14,584 from BBSEC (development of biocatalytic process for large-scale C-C bond) and Pounds 48,394 from EPSRC (company scheme with Ultrafine Chemicals); Dr J. Mok, Pounds 93 from the Medical Research Council (supplement); Dr D. Drysdale, Pounds 103,152 from EPSRC (development of model for upward flame spread in confined vertical spaces) and, with Dr E. Marchant, Pounds 48,923 from EPSRC (research and development for the computer model SIMULEX); Dr R. Will, Pounds 53,028 from BBSRC (neuronal pathology in CJD;

immunocytochemical study with quantitative macroscopic and microscopic analysis); Dr P. Sandercock, Pounds 94,892 from the Medical Research Council (the development and testing of novel clinical trial designs evaluating the efficacy and safety of neuroprotective therapy in acute stroke) and Pounds 1,054 from MRC (supplement); Professor C. Warlow, Pounds 11,581 from the MRC (supplement in support of research) and Pounds 2,166 from MRC (supplement in support of research) and Pounds 5,928 from MRC (supplement); Professor S. Abramsky, Pounds 349,958 from EPSRC (foundational structures for computer science - joint project with Imperial College); Drs I. Underwood and J. Stevenson and Mr A. Gundlach, Pounds 144,812 from the EPSRC (hybrid spatial light modulators for optical processing); Dr I. Underwood and Mr A. Gundlach, Pounds 65,132 from EPSRC (silicon liquid crystal miniature displays); Dr A. Walton, Pounds 1,409 from the British Council (supplement); Dr J. Mullins, Pounds 178,000 from BBSRC (establishment of an automated DNA sequencing and microsatellite profiling facility); Professor J. Bishop, Drs A. Smith and J. Fowlis, Pounds 233,476 from BBSRC (support of research); Dr M. Summerfield, Pounds 16,740 from the Natural Environment Research Council (escarpment retreat rates on passive continental margins determined from cosmogenic surface exposure dating); Drs A. Tudhope and G. Shimmield, Pounds 167,909 from NERC (high-resolution records of low latitude climate through the last glacial-interglacial cycle from fossil corals in Papua New Guinea) and Pounds 12,000 from NERC (Pb-210 and Cs-137 chrononology); Professor C. Graham, Pounds 104,435 from NERC (experimental constraints on the effects of chloride salts on mineral-fluid-melt equilibria and water activities at high pressure - collaboration with Professor B. Yardley, University of Leeds); Professor G. Boulton, Pounds 22,820 from NERC (supplement);

Dr W. Allerton, Pounds 86,373 from NERC (postdoctoral fellowship); Dr G. Shimmield, Pounds 9,716 from NERC (supplement for research into paleochemistry of the NE Atlantic during last glacial-interglacial cycle) and with Dr N. Price, Pounds 20,716 from NERC (supplement); Professor D. Brock, Pounds 1,294 from MRC (supplement).

to be continued

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