Testimonials from High School Counsellors

Hear from counsellors themselves about the benefits, networking opportunities and professional development available at BMI/THE Counsellor workshops

I really liked how BMI/THE offered a mix of training, workshops, networking events, the chance to engage with university representatives and campus tours. Other events/forums I have been to usually only have one of these elements.

Tessa Miglio

St. Nicholas Alphaville - SP Brazil

It was an extremely interesting event. To be given the opportunity to talk face-to-face with different university representatives was clarifying and satisfying. It's the best source of information which provides us with more knowledge to guide our students towards their futures.

Elaine Nicolodelli

Colégio Bom Jesus Santo Antônio, SC - Brazil

Everything was really organised and I have been having a great time getting to know the universities reps and finding relevant information for my students.

Nathalia Silva

School of the Nations, DF - Brazil

The event was very well organised as it allowed for opportunities to interact with other participants and the universities. The networking opportunities are amazing.

Roberta Rodrigues

Pan American School of Bahia, BA - Brazil

Excellent Forum and networking opportunity. Extremely friendly and helpful organisers with a great sense of hospitality. A great event to meet one-to-one with fellow professionals.

Naima Gauthier

The Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai, Dubai - UAE

The event was really organised very well and execution and delivery was very precise.

Blessy Varghese

GEMS Our Own English High School, Al Ain - UAE

The counsellor event was amazing! Very organised and informative.

Vítor Marconi de Souza

Colégio Etapa, SP - Brazil

This is the first in-person workshop I have attended as a college counsellor. I believe it was well organised, food and facilities were great, 20 minute meetings are ideal, not too short, not too long, the workshop booklet with all participants was one of the best ideas.

Thalita Thomé

Chapel School, SP - Brazil

I love the universities meeting format. Having universities from around the world is fabulous.

Karen Hafner

Escola Americana de Campinas, SP - Brazil

The events are well organised, well marketed and as counsellors we always feel included and respected.

Giorgi Sichinava

European School - Georgia

It was excellent to participate. What we like the most in the BMI workshop is the variety of countries. It's especially nice to meet representatives from countries that don't have institutions here.

Daniela Pensado

Colégio Pentágono, SP - Brazil

I have been working as a college application advisor since 2019 and because of the Covid-19 pandemic I haven't been able to participate in events like this. I really like the way it was organised, it was informative and provided a great opportunity for networking.

Flavia Thomsen

Colégio Santa Cruz, SP - Brazil

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