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Today, THE is regarded as the voice of global higher education. From agenda-setting news and data analysis to our sought-after features and archive, a subscription is a must for every academic institution. And it’s never been easier to tailor and manage your subscription with our user-friendly dashboards and IP recognition facility.

Introducing institutional access to THE intelligence, insight, rankings & data

As the voice of global higher education, THE is an invaluable daily resource for all your staff and students. Whether it's agenda-setting news and analysis, commentary from the sharpest minds in academia from the around the world, our influential university rankings, or the latest insights from our World Summit Series, everything we do is focused on helping you and your institution to excel.

You can now ensure that all your staff and students benefit from reading THE with an institution-wide digital licence. Users simply register or log in using their university or college email address to enjoy unrestricted access to all THE content, both on our website and via our app. Daily global content, regular newsletter updates and special subscriber-only content will also come as part of this pack that will provide unique insights into the world of higher education.

Institutional subscriptions

An institutional subscription provides access to:

  • News
  • Data
  • Opinon
  • Features
  • Reviews
  • Digital Editions & Archive
  • Plus exclusive spotlights on Rankings Content, Summits, and Newsletters

Pricing is based on the number of academic staff and postgraduate students at your institution.

Join us and our rapidly growing network of institutions that benefit from the most comprehensive coverage of global higher education.

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