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April 5, 2012

Times Higher Education singles out two recent developments as being significant for the future of "sciart": Cern's artists-in-residence programme and the MA in art and science at Central Saint Martins ("Third-culture club", 15 March). May I propose that a third development be added to the list?

Since November, Cardiff School of Art and Design has offered an MA in art and science. Our programme covers some of the more philosophical questions affecting art-science collaboration that are not identified in your article.

Scientific discourse is extremely powerful, and there are very different theories of knowledge at work in art and science. Unless these power relations and differences are addressed philosophically, there is the danger that sciart will remain confined to artists playing with kit, or scientists looking for public relations-friendly visualisations of their ideas. Only when subject agendas are relinquished and attention is paid to what is possible in between do things really start to get interesting.

Clive Cazeaux, Reader in aesthetics, Cardiff School of Art and Design, Cardiff Metropolitan University

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