University of Desarrollo

2020 世界大学排名
2020 Impact Rankings
2020 年轻大学排名
Av. Plaza 680 San Carlos de Apoquindo, Las Condes, Santiago, 7610658, Chile

Universidad del Desarrollo

A young private research university

Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD) is currently an institution aligned with the important challenge of promoting scientific activity. UDD is becoming a complex university with a high regard for research, now and in prospect to the future. Thus, we must demonstrate the corresponding commitment with our UDD core value of public responsibility by contributing with solutions to the problems relevant to society, with guarantees of quality, security and efficacy. 

UDD is a small, dynamic and very young university, and we see these characteristics as an advantage that enable us to be flexible and nimble in our organizational processes. In order to keep moving forward, we are not only incentivizing our researchers to become involved in high impact research, but also to adapt effectively in a dynamic international context in order to attract collaboration from all over the world. Our aim is to achieve strategic alliances with international centers that have a high level of scientific productivity and impact in innovation.


UDD will consolidate itself as one of the best universities in Chile, standing out for its permanent pursuit of academic innovation, actively participating in Chilean and global society as a result of working together with national and international partners. 


The UDD mission is to serve Chile by educating professionals of excellence, generating knowledge, promoting the values of freedom, diversity and raise concern for public issues.

UDD Core Values


UDD seeks to form students in the pursuit of truth and good, showing them the importance of a moral conduct coherent to the values of humanism. Our students will learn to make decisions according to an ethical professional performance within the virtues of prudence, strength, balance, justice, and respect for human dignity.


UDD seeks to generate awareness in the students regarding their role in society, and the professional and personal contributions they can make both in a public and private setting. In this context, through knowledge and reflection, our graduates must generate a high valuation for public service and a personal commitment to the achievement of the common good.


UDD aims to form and guide students who are focused on the constant search for opportunities to create and innovate, abiding by an ethical code of conduct while accepting challenges and facing uncertainty.

UDD graduates should be able to devise new and different solutions to solve complex problems or situations in a changing context. UDD future professionals should be driven by the impact of their achievements, and be able to lead others as well as collaborate with them. Lastly, graduates have to demonstrate a persistent attitude in spite of failure, by facing challenges with a positive but pragmatic approach.

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Universidad del Desarrollo
Universidad del Desarrollo
Universidad del Desarrollo
Universidad del Desarrollo
Universidad del Desarrollo