Occidental College

2020 美国大学排名
1600 Campus Road, Los Angeles, California, 90041, United States

关于 Occidental College

Occidental College is a private liberal-arts college, founded in 1887, and located in Los Angeles, California. Established by members of the Presbyterian Church, Occidental College is one of the longest-running institutions of its kind in the state, and has established a high profile for itself in the region.

Occidental College, or “Oxy” for short, is primarily based on a 120 acre campus in the neighbourhood of Eagle Rock, in north-eastern Los Angeles. Most students call the campus home for at least the first three years, and many choose to stay on campus for their fourth year as well.

Oxy’s Eagle Rock campus is built over a 120 acre area, and includes numerous modern facilities. In all, the campus plays host to 12 accommodation blocks offering a variety of different living spaces. Oxy’s main dining area is known as the Marketplace, and provides a mix of different dining options for students.

In terms of recreational spaces, like many similar institution Oxy has a range of different athletics programmes and more casual options available, with the college having its own dedicated fitness centre and gyms, in addition to introductory classes to various sports and fitness regimes. Oxy also has a number of competitive sporting options available, including rugby.

The College offers a range of different options for academic study, around 40 in total, primarily focusing on the arts as opposed to science. A smaller number of minors are also available, but Oxy does not offer master’s or doctoral degrees.

Occidental College has had a number of famous students and alumni, including US president Barack Obama, actor and director Ben Affleck, and Monty Python member Terry Gilliam.

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