National University of Mongolia

Ikh Surguulin Gudamj-1, P.O.BOX -46A/523, Ulaanbaatar, 14201, Mongolia

More about National University of Mongolia

As Mongolian leading research and education institution, the National University of Mongolia (NUM) offers a long education experience, multidisciplinary and distinguished programs.

NUM is a public university with around 30,000 students enrolled from all corners of the country and world. We offers 115 undergraduate programs (BSc, BA) and 200 graduate programs (MSc, MA, MBA, PhD), covering all fields of science. NUM made up of 7 faculties, one graduate school, 9 affiliated research institutes, 40 nation-wide and university-wide well equipmented laboratories and second biggest library of country. Therefore, Mongolian several main public and private universities grow out from NUM, during eighty years history.

The campus is located in a heart of Ulaanbaatar city, rapidly developing nomadic traditional and modern mixed, amazing steppe city.

Also, it is main center of Mongol study and welcome place to everyone who want to study Inner Asian and pastoralist culture, history, language, archeology, ecology and anthropology.

NUM’s 2016-2024 strategic plan, sets out its ambition to develop into a leading research university and become one of the top 100 Asian universities. Within the scope of this strategy NUM has been mobilizing considerable financing and investment for projects including post-doctoral research grants, joint programs, and hiring renowned   international researchers and professors.

Research and taught fields:

  • Social and Humanity sciences
  • Life and Natural sciences
  • Engineering and applied sciences
  • Economic and business

Affiliated schools:

  • School of Arts and Sciences
  • School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Business school
  • School of Law
  • School of International Relations and Public Administrations
  • Erdenet School
  • Zavkhan school