Massachusetts College of Art and Design

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621 Huntington Ave, Boston, Massachusetts, 02115, United States

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Massachusetts College of Art and Design is a state-funded institution in Boston with a fine arts and liberal arts focus.

Known colloquially as MassArt, the college is one of the best arts schools in the North East. All of its undergraduates complete their degree programmes with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, which is a third liberal arts, while master’s students can choose between fine arts, architecture, design innovation and art education courses. Established in 1873, MassArt was the first arts school to award degrees.

Its campus, located in the South West of town, is dotted with galleries for student use, and three halls of residence, though most of its students live elsewhere.

The state’s capital city, which houses the bulk of its residents, is the oldest city in the United States, and one of New England’s most stylish. With innovative architecture, splendid seafood, nine parks, a sparkling waterfront and a host of cultural highlights, Boston is a popular study destination, and home to several higher education institutions, including Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The city’s sports teams, the New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins, have won more than 35 championships between them.

Alumni include Christian Marclay, a visual artist and composer who is arguably the creator of turntablism, using gramophone records to make sound collages; Rashid Rana, one of the most influential Pakistani artists of all time, and Oscar-winning set designer Nancy Haigh, who worked on Forrest Gump, Mars Attacks!, The Truman Show, No Country For Old Men and Charlie Wilson’s War.

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