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2020 Impact Rankings: 体面工作和经济增长
Cardenal Zuniga, 12, Segovia, 40003, Spain

IE University is a place for forward-thinking visionaries to learn in a transformative environment. Surround yourself with a supportive community of students and faculty who interact together with new ideas and approaches to fuel the innovative learning process.

More than 130 different nationalities are represented on our diverse campus located in Madrid and Segovia each year, with over 75% of the students coming from outside Spain. Immersed in this dynamic environment, you will have access to our cutting-edge resources, including the skill-building student hub, our media lab, and a world-class faculty to guide you along your journey.

We pride ourselves on our innovative vision and entrepreneurial spirit, driven by academic rigor and a strong focus on the humanities. Our practice-based approach goes beyond the classroom walls, taking our students to the frontlines of their respective fields.

IE University is more than just an education. It’s a complete academic and professional experience that broadens students’ horizons and connects them with the real world, helping them build a personalized career path to reach their goals.

Our English-language bachelor’s programs are designed to develop students’ leadership skills, and equip them to tackle the professional challenges of the modern workforce. We encourage all students from both our bachelor’s and dual degree programs to participate in high-quality professional enrichment opportunities.

Whether that means interning in a dynamic, multinational company, or taking advantage of IE University’s exchange agreements with over 160 universities in 50 countries across the globe, our students can gain valuable professional experience in their chosen area.

We know you want to lead a fulfilling and successful professional career, and we provide the space to make that happen!



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