University of Johannesburg

Re-imagining a better, smarter, more prosperous Africa that shares, cares and grows together

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) was established through successful collaboration in 2005, and here we are today, still collaborating to build a better, smarter, prosperous continent that cares, shares and grows together. Today, UJ serves approximately 52 000 students across seven faculties and the University of Johannesburg's College of Business and Economics (CBE), launched on 1 July 2017. CBE is now strategically positioned to act as the centre of regeneration in Africa through socio-economic transformation and the promotion of Pan-Africanism. 

UJ continues to play a nurturing but pioneering role in restructuring higher education in Africa. However, as we know, the work of educators is never done. It is incumbent upon UJ to renew, develop and diversify this ancient profession that is so critical to our continent. The university of the future will no doubt look very different due to digital disruption. Some argue that universities will struggle to keep up with the brave new technological world. However, one thing is certain - "learning" will always survive. People will never stop generating innovative ideas and seeking ways to challenge the mind. There will always be a need for some form of university and a place where learning can take place without limiting processes. A place where open innovation and analytical minds can thrive and where the future is shaped. 

The challenge is to develop and adapt to these new approaches to research, teaching and learning. This can only be achieved through collaborative, forward-thinking and creative academics, tutors and students. Information and knowledge are necessary, but not sufficient. In order to really 'learn', students must connect what they are learning to their own personal experiences. They further need to be inspired to delve beneath the surface of information in order to develop wisdom. And wisdom does not come only from lectures, books nor search engines. It comes from 'thinking out of the box', from stretching the imagination far beyond what is perceivable and it comes from learning from others and sharing with one another – Ubuntu.

At the University of Johannesburg  “The Future. Reimagined” is not simply a catchy phrase. The institution is taking the lead in Africa in 4th Industrial Revolution thinking, reimagining the future in all disciplines.