Uoffer Global empowers international students through innovative pathway programmes

Uoffer Global, in collaboration with White Swan, organises impactful events to help aspiring international students understand the rigorous selection criteria of pathway courses and promote opportunities for talented students

6 Jun 2024
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Uoffer Global
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Find out how UOFFER GLOBAL supports international students worldwide to reach their maximum potential

On 21 March 2024, Uoffer Global hosted the Brighten Your Future: Pathways to Sustainability event. Held in collaboration with White Swan and Kaplan International Pathways, thevent featured talks, group discussions and Q&A sessions that highlighted the benefits and requirements of pathway programmes.

International students from the universities of Leicester, Southampton, Birmingham and Exeter gathered at Uoffer Global’s Leicester hub, with students from China joining via Zoom, to learn how international pathway programmes prepare students for success. These programmes prepare students to achieve top-tier degrees at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and thrive in their careers.


Douglas Aiton, college director at Glasgow International College, joined Wenlu Cai, market manager, and Bhavna Ivy Masih, admissions manager at Kaplan International Pathways, to provide insights on the exciting opportunities available to international students and curated tips on the application process.

Uoffer Global organises bespoke events to connect the international student community with empowering higher education opportunities. Through Q&A sessions and panel discussions at Uoffer events, students receive tailored advice on what to expect during the application process and strategies to overcome potential challenges. Uoffer Global has also collaborated with Kaplan International Pathways to present an exclusive workshop on its pathways programme for students interested in studying in the UK.

The event provided opportunities for students to connect with tutors and peers through interactive workshops and networking sessions. Current undergraduates studying abroad in the UK shared their first-hand insights with students enrolled on the pathways programme in Sheffield, offering valuable perspectives from those who have already navigated the application process.


Dual-headquartered in China and the UK, Uoffer Global works in global education and is deeply proud of the work it does with pathway providers and universities to open up opportunities for students around the world. Uoffer Global is committed to fulfilling students’ dreams and ambitions through global education.

In addition to providing students with continuous support before, during and after university life, Uoffer Global offers a host of value-added services that help students build their careers and develop their personal networks. These services include workshops, talks and in-person events where students can gain new skills and in-depth knowledge that will help them succeed in their studies and future careers. 

Find out more about Uoffer Global and its upcoming events.

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