The University of the Future: where does higher education go next?

To remain competitive – and relevant – the University of the Future must focus on delivering a more personalised learner journey

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27 Jun 2024
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The higher education sector is under pressure to:

  • Deliver a more personalised learner journey
  • Bridge the gap between education and work
  • Improve blended learning capabilities
  • Offer the best possible student experience

And it must do all of this on the back of the seismic shift caused by Covid-19.

D2L’s University of the Future series takes an in-depth look at what the future holds for the sector. We interviewed universities from across Europe to understand how the coronavirus pandemic has affected their institutions and how they plan to deliver value to an increasingly diverse range of students.

Download our latest white paper, What’s driving the vision for the University of the Future?, which explores how universities can remain relevant to an increasingly diverse and demanding student base while meeting the needs of future employers.

Join the conversation on Twitter @D2L_EMEA #UnioftheFuture

Download our white paper here.

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