Supporting students with diverse needs using 3D immersive learning

The integration of online learning into frameworks for learners with special educational needs and disabilities will cultivate an environment where all students can fully participate in classrooms

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11 Oct 2023
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Learn how UNIVERSE by ViewSonic creates an immersive learning environment built to enhance online learning

Technological evolution has led to several positive changes in the education sector. One of these advantages is the role that online learning plays in the development of special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) provisions, a framework and set of policies designed to support the academic journeys of individuals with special educational needs.

Creating an inclusive education system that accommodates the unique requirements of students with SEND is a priority for educators and policymakers. This can be challenging due to limited access to resources and difficulty in creating a tailored learning experience for each student.

UNIVERSE by ViewSonic, an immersive 3D online learning platform, offers a solution to these challenges by providing a virtual environment that replicates the in-person classroom experience for students and academics. It features virtual spaces such as classrooms, meeting areas and collaborative zones where students can interact using customisable avatars.

Unlike many online learning platforms, which focus on one-way communication, UNIVERSE stands out by prioritising interactivity, says Stokes. This feature benefits educators by enabling dynamic course development and active student participation. “The UNIVERSE platform collaborates closely with educators to ensure it remains responsive to the changing needs of diverse student bodies,” he says.

Personalisation is a fundamental aspect of effective SEND provisions. Platforms like UNIVERSE offer an array of features that can be customised to suit the specific needs of each student. “The UNIVERSE platform distinguishes itself from traditional teaching and learning models through its innovative approach to accessibility, particularly in the context of bespoke avatar creation,” says Stokes.

UNIVERSE’s features allow students to tailor avatars to reflect diverse identities and personal characteristics. “Avatars bridge the gap between conventional classrooms and technology-driven learning,” he says. Avatars on UNIVERSE integrate multimedia components such as images, video and audio. This helps to accommodate various learning styles and sensory needs and enables students to progress through lessons at their own pace.

Stokes believes that UNIVERSE offers a less intimidating platform for learning and interaction for students who experience social anxiety. “Current online education platforms still focus on unidirectional communication meaning only one person at a time can speak. This not only limits the development of interactive courses for educators but also makes it difficult to evaluate student engagement during classes,” says Stokes.

UNIVERSE uses spatial audio, which closely mimics real life, where proximity is necessary for communication. Educators can obtain insights into student engagement by tracing and analysing interactions directly from the platform’s backend manager. This data can be used to personalise the learning experience for each student, which can be beneficial for students with SEND, he says.

Virtual 3D environments like UNIVERSE equip educators with the resources necessary to optimise modern classrooms and cater to students with SEND. Stokes is optimistic that the recent upward trend in the development of SEND systems in secondary schools will extend to higher education institutions in the future.

Find out more about UNIVERSE by ViewSonic.

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