Why knowledge exchange is important for universities

A guide to what knowledge exchange is, how it impacts institutions and their communities and helpful examples of knowledge exchange activities

Knowledge exchange spotlight 2

The practice of universities sharing ideas, expertise and data with non-academic partners is central to knowledge exchange. And while they have been engaging in knowledge exchange of one form or another for centuries, universities have only recently taken a strategic approach to it. This collection of resources explains the elements of knowledge exchange, from how to lead a knowledge transfer partnership (KTP) and the fundamentals of  student knowledge exchange to examples of community engagement projects and industry collaborations, as well as advice on creating equitable research partnerships.

How open knowledge strengthens democracies

No longer just guardians of knowledge, public universities are critical to the health of young democracies. To support civil society and democracy, flagship institutions must embrace their role as coordinators of open knowledge exchange

Justin Axel-Berg

University of São Paulo

Student startup and business thinking
Equal balance research partnership
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