Unpacking academic interdisciplinarity

Resources exploring what interdisciplinarity in higher education really means in practice and how it can shape quality teaching and research

Advice on successfully bringing interdisciplinarity into university teaching and research practices

Interdisciplinarity, though a mouthful, has become a buzzword in higher education with many arguing it should play a more central role in course design and research strategy. But its true meaning often gets blurred and questions remain over how and when interdisciplinary methods should be applied. This collection of resources sets out to define interdisciplinarity, explain when it is relevant and offer tips on how it can be effectively used to enrich teaching and research programmes.

Interdisciplinarity in teaching: what it is and how to make it work

Loy Hui Chieh explains what true interdisciplinarity is and how to successfully embed it into university courses

Loy Hui Chieh

National University of Singapore

Advice on looking to the wider research community for resources and training to upskill your research team
Advice on developing lifelong learning programmes which take a multidisciplinary approach