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The role of higher education in separating fact from fiction

What can universities do to equip students, academics and the public with the tools to tackle misinformation?

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Each day, we face an information overload with claims, facts and figures flowing across screens faster than we can check them. This is fertile ground for inaccurate reports and “fake news” to abound. When presented with seemingly limitless sources and channels of information, it’s hard to know who and what to trust in relation to our health or our governments. Never has the ability to critically assess and communicate information been more important. So, what can universities to do equip students, staff and the wider public with the tools and knowledge they need to understand the complex nature of evidence, invite varied perspectives and seek the truth?

How Socrates can help your students question information

In a world full of answers, we must take time to ask questions, and the approaches favoured by Socrates can still be useful today, explains Konstantinos Arfanis

Konstantinos Arfanis

Arden University

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