Helping staff and students avoid burnout

Advice on protecting well-being and managing workloads to ensure online teaching is sustainable for staff and students

Building resilience and wellbeing in challenging times

Covid-19 continues to take its toll on the well-being of university staff and students who are grappling with ongoing upheaval, overwork, isolation and more. This collection of resources explores what individuals and institutions can do to protect well-being, manage workloads and build resilience.

Supporting academia’s well-being during and beyond Covid-19

With an unprecedented global mental health crisis and rising stress among university staff, six academics come together to propose how best to support faculty and new ways of working now and well beyond the pandemic

June Gruber, Lisa Miracchi, Sabrina Marques, Kirk Ambrose, Becca Ciancanelli, Paulo Boggio

University of Colorado Boulder, University of Pennsylvania, Western Connecticut State University, Mackenzie Presbyterian University

Boosting student employability via digital learning