Embracing diversity in higher education

Deconstructing equity, diversity and inclusion, part two: how to support diversity at every level of higher education, from student admissions and curriculum development to academic tenure and promotion

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Find insight on how universities can enhance and celebrate diversity through their students, their course design and their academic and support staff. Learn what diversity policies need to be put in place to ensure entry into and successful paths through higher education for students and staff from non-traditional and minority groups. From writing diversity statements to decolonising curricula and navigating the academic career ladder, gather tips from higher education professionals all over the world.

Rekindling passion for equality, diversity and inclusion work

Equality, diversity and inclusion work is too often dogged by scepticism and dismissed as a tick-box exercise. So how can institutional leaders rekindle enthusiasm and belief in the work? Rajani Naidoo shares her top recommendations

Rajani Naidoo

University of Bath