THE podcast: breaking down barriers with research and student-led campaigns

Winners of the Times Higher Education 2021 Awards discuss how their research and student-led campaigns navigate difficult and taboo topics of gender-based violence and period poverty


Edinburgh Napier University,University of Nottingham
15 Nov 2022
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Key Details

How can faculty and staff address the real issues, however forbidden, that make students feel isolated and voiceless? When teams research difficult topics, how can they establish two-way, equitable participation with their community?

The winners of the Times Higher Education 2021 Awards for Outstanding Contribution to the Local Community and Outstanding Contribution to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion join us in this episode to discuss working with taboo and difficult topics. Anna Walas, faculty research impact officer and honorary research fellow in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Nottingham, talks about the research, led by Louise Mullany, into at gender-based hate crime. And Lindsay Morgan, a placement officer for the School of Arts & Creative Industries at Edinburgh Napier University and co-producer of Bleeding Soar, tells us about the campaign to increase awareness of period poverty around the world.

Website for the Bleedin' Soar campaign.

More information about the gender hate crime research and resulting comic strip called Changing Minds.

The Common Cause Research Report referenced by Anna in the podcast.

Lindsay's resource for THE Campus: Talking about taboos: how to create an open atmosphere for discussing difficult subjects

Anna's resource for THE Campus: In this together: developing meaningful community engagement


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