Instructor presence: How to engage students through building an authentic ‘voice’

Lessons in how to use an authentic instructor voice to keep students engaged when teaching remotely, from Shannon McCarty of National University

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National University
6 Nov 2020
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Designing with quality and engagement at the forefront
Designing online courses with quality and engagement at the forefront

Key Details

Effective online teaching is not just about the content, it is also down to the way instructors engage with their students. Here, Shannon McCarty from National University discusses how a strong instructor presence can help keep students on track, filmed as part of REMOTE: The Connected Faculty Summit. The virtual event showcased the best practices, techniques and tools for online teaching in higher education. If you’re in a rush, browse the timeline below for the key topics covered and where in the video to find them.  

01:05 Why a strong instructor presence online is important 

03:01 How to develop a strong instructor presence online 

05:45 How to design your online presence 

07:58 Key areas to consider in designing your presence and feedback methods 

09:33 Proactive outreach to students 

10:25 Motivate students with messaging 

13:30 Asking students to use your first name – yes or no? 

14:24 Will students who do not get mentioned in class feel isolated, and how can one prevent this? 

15:23 How can one manage larger class sizes of 50 to 100 alongside many other duties? 

18:35 How do you measure or gauge what students find motivating and helpful? 

20:07 How to manage gendered expectations for different faculty members 

21:28 How do you encourage students to login, read emails or stay engaged? 

23:44 Advice for making students more comfortable with attending virtual office hours 

25:36 How can instructors approach students who don’t want to be recognised? 

27:25 An explanation of “feed forward” as a student engagement strategy 


This video was produced by REMOTE: The Connected Faculty Summit, hosted by Arizona State University


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