How Microsoft supports higher education to address skills shortages and improve employability

A white paper produced in partnership with Microsoft explores how higher education can best equip graduates with sought after skills for the workplace

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19 Jun 2023
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Addressing the skills shortage and improving student employability
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Download the white paper.

With the rapid development of technology creating new jobs all the time, the skills that graduates need to succeed in the workplace are changing at pace. Microsoft and Times Higher Education have partnered to produce a white paper that addresses the pressing issue of skills shortages and student employability in a rapidly evolving digital world. The white paper, titled “Addressing the skills shortage and improving student employability”, lays out a comprehensive plan to bridge the technical skills gap and empower learners to succeed in their careers.

The white paper emphasises the need for agility and adaptability in higher education to meet the changing needs of society. Microsoft is dedicated to standing at the forefront of innovation by collaborating with universities and industry partners to equip the next generation of professionals with the necessary skills to succeed. The company has made a significant investment in certification programmes, curricula and employability solutions to enable educational institutions to support learners at various stages of their career journeys.

To learn more about how Microsoft is addressing the skills shortage and enhancing student employability, download the white paper.

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