Digital transformation helps universities boost student experience

As digital transformation becomes a priority for the higher education sector, the University of Lincoln is breaking new ground in the delivery of key services for students

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11 Oct 2022
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University of Lincoln students on campus
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A university’s student management system is the backbone of the whole institution. It’s the foundation that allows the university to deliver all the key services that create the ideal student experience and to run the organisation effectively. From enrolment through to timetabling, assignments, course planning and everything else, a student management system manages the entire student lifecycle.

Current systems need to meet – or exceed – the expectations of the new generation of digital natives who have grown up with Google, Netflix and Apple Pay and are now accustomed to hybrid learning, says TechnologyOne’s general manager for higher education and adjunct professor Peter Nikoletatos.

That’s why the software company, which specialises in enterprise resource planning and software as a service for the higher education sector, is working with the University of Lincoln to pioneer a generational change to the way student management and experience is provided in the UK.

Lincoln is a long-standing partner of TechnologyOne, having worked with the company ever since the university started using its finance system five years ago. In 2019, it added TechnologyOne’s admissions system and now the university is adopting TechnologyOne’s ground-breaking student management system, which operates on one purpose-built platform, enabling students, academics, administrators and partners to connect through the one application.

Lincoln is already ranked among the top 20 universities in the UK for student satisfaction and has an ambition to grow and be recognised as a top 500 university globally by 2027, and among the top 15 UK universities by 2050.

“Driving a positive student experience while managing risk is a huge priority for university leaders right now,” says Leo Hanna, UK executive vice-president at TechnologyOne. “Lincoln’s new student management system will help meet student demand for quality digital options that don’t compromise on secure data and safe, intuitive experiences. What we are seeing here is a real shift in the way student management is offered and delivered in the UK.”

Nikoletatos believes the dedication to quality of service, security and well-being seen in many online systems in other sectors is something digitally native students are used to, and needs to be matched by universities.

“We’ve watched digital platforms adjust to our everyday needs in virtually every domain. Students are demanding that their higher education institutions to do the same. The expectations students have of their university remain high. This was demonstrated recently in new research, which showed a concerning number of students in the UK conveyed feeling unsupported during the past academic year, with more than 75 per cent of students hoping for increased pastoral care if hybrid learning continues,” Nikoletatos says.

“The research clearly showed that students would appreciate more regular check-ins from their university’s pastoral team, whether that be in-person, online or some combination of the two. Having a modern student management system in place that allows some of those red flags to be picked up, and for a university to lean in and support the student is game changing for universities.”

Neal Juster, vice-chancellor of the University of Lincoln, says: “Our strategic plan and long-term ambition is to become a university that contributes significantly to the nation’s success through regional regeneration and international connectivity.

“TechnologyOne’s market-leading student management system is providing us with the real-time insight, data-integration and overall student view we need to achieve this ambition.

“As we welcome new and returning students for the next academic year, TechnologyOne’s OneEducation student management system is a key deliverable in the wider strategic plan that will ensure we provide an enhanced experience for students and staff alike.

“The university will continue to partner with TechnologyOne to develop the flexible functionality provided by the student management system facilitating effective changes to our operations and further supporting and enhancing the student experience, and this puts us in good stead for the future. These are exciting times.” 

The University of Lincoln is the first UK institution to launch TechnologyOne’s internationally trusted student management system technology. TechnologyOne has been working with higher education institutions across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand for over 30 years.

Find out more about TechnologyOne.

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