Psychology and psychiatry round-up

May 22, 2008

Fragmented Intimacy: Addiction in a Social World. Author Peter J. Adams. Edition First. Publisher Springer. Pages 340. Price £36.00. ISBN 9780387726601.

Adams aims to transcend familiar concepts of addiction by focusing not on addicts in isolation but on the social contexts that are disrupted and on the struggle that affects all those involved as they attempt to regroup and initiate change. This book offers both theory and practice-strengthening interventions.

Co-participant Psychoanalysis: Toward a New Theory of Clinical Inquiry. Author John Fiscalini. Edition First. Publisher Columbia University Press. Pages 0. Price £32.00/£20.50. ISBN 9780231132626/2633.

Fiscalini aims to define co-participant inquiry, articulate its major principles, analyse its implications for a theory of the self and the treatment of narcissism and discuss the therapeutic potential of the co-participant field and the co-participant nature of transference, resistance, therapeutic action and analytic vitality.

Essential Readings in Health Psychology. Author Jane Ogden. Edition Fourth. Publisher Open University Press. Pages 536. Price £28.99. ISBN 9780335211388.

Ogden's reader focuses on the key areas highlighted by the British Psychological Society as central to health psychology, providing a resource for courses in health psychology as well as for students of medicine and nursing.

Your Psychology Project: The Essential Guide. Author Jennifer Evans. Edition First. Publisher Sage. Pages 288. Price £60.00/£16.99. ISBN 9781412922319/2326.

This book maps all the requirements of a project in psychology, guiding students through a project from conception of an idea to writing up. It uses practical examples to equip students with the knowledge and skills to carry out and write up their thesis.

Making Sense: A Student's Guide to Research and Writing in Psychology and the Life Sciences. Authors Margot Northey and Brian Timney. Edition Fourth. Publisher Oxford University Press. Pages 240. Price £15.99. ISBN 9780195426212.

Designed for students in psychology and the life sciences, this book outlines the principles of style, grammar and usage while covering issues such as how to use American Psychological Association guidelines and how to write research proposals and honours theses.

Psychology. Authors Daniel L. Schacter, Daniel T. Gilbert and Daniel M. Wegner. Edition First. Publisher Palgrave Macmillan. Pages 700. Price £35.99. ISBN 9780716752158.

This introductory textbook focuses on "mind bugs" - foibles that provide fundamental insights into how the mind works.

Theory and Practice of Family Therapy and Counseling. Author James R. Bitter. Edition First. Publisher Cengage. Pages 464. Price £35.99. ISBN 9780534421786.

This book supports the development of personal, professional and ethical family practice. The text's empirically based approaches, as well as diagnostics and visual tools, allow students to observe others in groups, with case studies and exercises to help them apply concepts they have learnt.

Organizational and Work Psychology: Topics in Applied Psychology. Authors Ian Rothmann and Cary Cooper. Edition First. Publisher Hodder Education. Pages 304. Price £19.99. ISBN 9780340928912.

This book examines individual behaviour, motivation and satisfaction, diversity management, teamwork and decision-making. Human resource management and performance and career management are explored, and discussions on dysfunctional behaviour at work, politics and power in organisations, leadership, job design and the meaning of work are included.

Personality Theory and Research: An International Perspective. Author Gordon L. Flett. Edition First. Publisher Wiley. Pages 620. Price £37.95. ISBN 9780470835508.

This book provides a balance between theory and research, and between new developments and historical contributions to the study of personality. This text is dedicated to providing a cross-cultural perspective on personality by discussing theories and examining research from around the world.

Key Studies in Sport and Exercise Psychology. Authors David Lavallee, Jean Williams and Marc Jones. Edition First. Publisher Open University Press. Pages 424. Price £32.99. ISBN 9780077111717.

This volume examines in depth some of the most influential studies in sport and exercise psychology. A list of additional readings is provided in each chapter, along with study questions to stimulate readers to think critically about any theoretical, methodological, statistical and ethical features of the studies.

Research in Psychology: Methods and Design. Author C. James Goodwin. Edition Fifth. Publisher Wiley. Pages 624. Price £37.95. ISBN 9780471763833

Designed to give students a clear understanding of how experimental psychologists think, this book also introduces a variety of research methods they use in their attempts to understand behaviour. The book has been thoroughly revised to include all the important new developments in research methodologies, and incorporates engaging and relevant examples from recent studies.

Health Psychology: A Textbook. Author Jane Ogden. Edition Fourth. Publisher Open University Press. Pages 528. Price £65.00/£29.99. ISBN 9780335222643/222636

This fourth edition incorporates a number of substantive new topics, including a new chapter on women’s health, as well as opportunities for the reader to critically examine key conceptual and methodological issues in each chapter. The new edition includes new data, graphs and further reading plus suggestions about where you can access the most recent publications and other data.

Analysing Qualitative Data in Psychology. Editors Evanthia Lyons and Adrian Coyle. Edition First. Publisher Sage. Pages 296. Price £65.00/£21.99. ISBN 9781412907828/907835

Assuming no prior knowledge of qualitative research, chapters on the nature, assumptions and practicalities of analysis are written by acknowledged experts. To help students and researchers make informed methodological choices about their own research the book addresses data collection and the writing-up of research using each method, while providing a sustained comparison of the four methods, backed up with authoritative analyses using the different methods.

Applying Social Psychology: From Problems to Solutions. Authors Abraham P. Buunk and Mark Van Vugt. Edition First. Publisher Sage. Pages 176. Price £60.00/£19.99. ISBN 9781412902823/902830

Introducing a new methodological approach for doing applied psychology, this book offers a step-by-step methodology for applying primarily social psychological theory to a wide range of social problems, from tackling crime and prejudice to fostering environmental conservation and team performance.

Qualitative Psychology: A Practical Guide to Research Methods. Editor Jonathon A. Smith. Edition Second. Publisher Sage. Pages 288. Price £70.00/£24.99. ISBN 9781412930833/930840

Covering all the main qualitative approaches now used in psychology this second edition offers readers a step-by-step guide to carrying out research using each particular method with plenty of pedagogical advice. All chapters are written by international experts – many of them key figures in either the inception or development of their chosen method.

Key Concepts in Health Psychology. Authors Ian Albery and Marcus Munafo. Edition First. Publisher Sage. Pages 304. Price £60.00/£19.99. ISBN 9781412919326/919333

This text provides an analysis of key issues, theories, models and methods in contemporary health psychology. It aims to enable students to engage with a full range of approaches and methods in the field, and importantly to be able to appreciate the relationships between these.

Social Psychology and Social Psychology Student Access Cards for MyPsychKit. Authors Michael Hogg and Graham Vaughan. Edition Fifth. Publisher Prentice Hall. Pages 648. Price £35.99. ISBN 9781405893640

This fifth edition continues to offer coverage from a European perspective, and has been thoroughly updated to include recent research, issues of topical interest and a selection of new literature, film and TV sections. The book includes a range of features to aid independent study such as theory and concept boxes, research highlights and real-world applications.

Evolution and Human Behaviour. Author John Cartwright. Edition Second. Publisher Palgrave Macmillan. Pages 448. Price £34.99. ISBN 9780333986325

This text explains the theoretical principles of human sociobiology and evolutionary psychology, illustrating the way humans think and behave. The book is aimed at psychology and biology students with more devotion to key topics and recent research in the area. Additions include material on mental disorders, and emotions and their expression.

Learning and Memory: From Brain to Behavior. Authors Mark A. Gluck, Eduardo Mercado and Catherine E. Myers. Edition First. Publisher Palgrave Macmillan. Pages 554. Price £35.99. ISBN 9780716786542

This book has been developed from its inception to reflect the convergence of brain studies and behavioural approaches in modern learning and memory research, incorporating findings both in animals and humans. Each chapter integrates coverage of both human memory and animal learning, with separate sections specifically devoted to behavioural processes, brain systems and clinical perspectives.

Studying Psychology. Author Andrew Stevenson. Edition Second. Publisher Palgrave Macmillan. Pages 232. Price £13.99. ISBN 9780230517820

This book is designed to provide students with skills and strategies for writing essays, undertaking psychological research and using statistics in psychology. This second edition contains a number of new extended sections including updating research, extending research methods and statistics methods.

Psychology of Nonviolence and Aggression. Author V. K. Kool. Edition First. Publisher Palgrave Macmillan. Pages 256. Price £18.50. ISBN 9780230545540

V. K. Kool draws on recent research to illustrate that while the control of violence is a reaction to aggression, nonviolence is, by contrast, an active behaviour. The book explores a wide survey of theories and examples, spanning ideas in cognition, motivation and behaviour that will provide students with an entry point to the subject.

The Developing Person Through Childhood and Adolescence. Author Kathleen Stassen Berger. Edition Seventh. Publisher Palgrave Macmillan. Pages 550. Price £45.99. ISBN 9780716770503

With revised and updated chapters on adolescence, new research, new brain development and cultural material throughout, and enhanced pedagogy, this edition continues to present theory, research, practical examples and controversial issues in a way that encourages students to think about development – addressing the individual’s role in both the community and the wider world.

The Social Animal. Author Elliot Aronson. Edition Tenth. Publisher Palgrave Macmillan. Pages 431. Price £33.99. ISBN 9781429203166

Through narrative, presentations of research and intriguing examples, Elliot Aronson probes the patterns and motives of human behaviour, covering such diverse topics as terrorism, politics, race relations, advertising, war and interpersonal attraction. This tenth edition teaches students how to interpret world events using social psychology.

Understanding Psychology as a Science. Author Zoltán Dienes. Edition First. Publisher Palgrave Macmillan. Pages 184. Price £14.99. ISBN 9780230542310

Zoltán Dienes introduces students to key issues in the philosophy of science and statistics that have a direct and vital bearing on the practice of research in psychology. The book is organised around the influential thinkers and conceptual debates that pervade psychological research and teaching but until now have not been made accessible to students.

Introduction to Consciousness. Author Arne Dietrich. Edition First. Publisher Palgrave Macmillan. Pages 328. Price £20.99. ISBN 9781403994899

This new textbook draws on all major disciplines that make up the study of consciousness – namely, neuroscience, cognitive science, psychology and philosophy. With a strong emphasis on empirical evidence, it is designed as an introductory, single-volume overview of the exciting field of consciousness.

Cognitive Psychology. Author Robert J. Sternberg. Edition Fifth. Publisher Cengage. Pages 688. Price £34.99. ISBN 9780495506324

Using the theme that human cognition has evolved over time as a means of adapting to our environment, Robert J. Sternberg explores the basics of cognitive psychology through coverage of cognitive neuroscience, attention and consciousness, perception, memory, knowledge representation, language, problem-solving and creativity, decision-making and reasoning, cognitive development, and intelligence.

Life-Span Human Development, International Edition. Author Carol Sigelman. Edition Sixth. Publisher Cengage. Pages 630. Price £45.99. ISBN 9780495506188

This lifespan development text offers a topical organisation at the chapter level and a consistent chronological presentation within each chapter. Each chapter focuses on a domain of development such as physical growth, cognition or personality, and traces developmental trends and influences in that domain from infancy to old age.

Culture and Psychology. Authors David Matsumoto and Linda Juang. Edition Fourth. Publisher Cengage. Pages 544. Price £34.99. ISBN 9780495097976

This book aims to show students why and how psychologists should account for cultural factors in their efforts to explain and understand behaviour. The authors’ cross-cultural framework gives students the tools they need to evaluate psychology from a cultural perspective, while the inclusion of the most current research highlights the relationship between culture and psychology.

Cognitive Psychology (ISE): Connecting Mind, Research and Everyday Experience. Author E. Bruce Goldstein. Edition Second. Publisher Cengage. Pages 592. Price £41.99. ISBN 9780495103530

Connecting the study of cognition to everyday life, this book gives equal treatment to both the landmark studies and the cutting-edge research that define this fascinating field. The text uses a wealth of concrete examples and illustrations that will help students understand the theories of cognition – driving home both the scientific importance of the theories and their relevance to students’ daily lives.

Introduction to Psychology. Author James W. Kalat. Edition Eighth. Publisher Cengage. Pages 768. Price £41.99. ISBN 9780495102922

This text takes a critical thinking approach to the major theories and concerns of psychology. James W. Kalat encourages use of the scientific principles that psychologists use when attempting to answer questions about human intellect, emotion and behaviour. This approach helps students separate what merely sounds plausible from what is scientifically provable, both in the psychology classroom and beyond it.

Educational Psychology: Topics in Applied Psychology. Authors Norah Frederickson, Andy Miller and Tony Cline. Edition First. Publisher Hodder Education. Pages 296. Price £19.99. ISBN 9780340928936

This book explores the role of the educational psychologist, first by examining cognitive development, cognitive psychology and individual differences and second through the analysis of social development and social psychology. Controversies and dilemmas in research and professional practice are discussed throughout the book.

Sport and Exercise Psychology: Topics in Applied Psychology. Author Andy Lane. Edition First. Publisher Hodder Education. Pages 304. Price £19.99. ISBN 9780340928943

This book provides comprehensive coverage of key topics in sport and exercise psychology including the effectiveness of psychological skills training interventions, models for delivery and the development of research approaches studying the impact of psychological skills on performance.

Health Psychology: Topics in Applied Psychology. Authors Charles Abraham, Mark Conner, Fiona Jones and Daryl O’Connor. Edition First. Publisher Hodder Education. Pages 304. Price £19.99. ISBN 9780340928905

This book guides the reader through core issues in health psychology research and practice. Each chapter builds on previous ones so that the text provides an overview of the field rather than presenting a compendium of topics. The book discusses mechanisms, models and methods and examines how biological, cognitive, affective and social processes impact on health and illness.

Textbook of Clinical Neuropsychiatry. Author David P. Moore. Edition Second. Publisher Hodder Education. Pages 752. Price £115.00. ISBN 9780340939536

This text provides a comprehensive, encyclopaedic and up-to-date coverage of the complete range of neuropsychiatric disorders. The text uses a consistent and easy-to-read format throughout and aims to act as a reference for psychiatrists and neurologists alike, and for students in those disciplines.

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