Medicine round-up

May 22, 2008

The Clinical Neurophysiology Primer. Authors Andrew S. Blum and Seward B. Rutkove. Edition First. Publisher Springer. Pages 526. Price £59.00. ISBN 9780896039964.

Each chapter in this four-part volume is written by clinical neurophysiologists and aimed at those engaged in neurophysiology training and neurology residents.

Dynamics of Cancer: Incidence, Inheritance and Evolution. Author Steven A. Frank. Edition First. Publisher Princeton University Press. Pages 400. Price £59.95/£23.95. ISBN 9780691133652/3669.

Using a quantitative framework of reliability and multistage breakdown, this book unifies molecular, demographic and evolutionary levels of analysis, interpreting observations on the age of cancer onset, the genetic and environmental causes of disease and the organisation of tissues with regard to stem-cell biology and somatic mutation.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Medical Specialty. Author Brian Freeman. Edition Second. Publisher McGraw-Hill. Pages 460. Price £18.99. ISBN 9780071479417.

Freeman's book includes personality assessments and special considerations for women and couples when preparing for choosing a specialty. Updates include new statistics, as well as an overview of certain specialties.

Health Studies: An Introduction. Authors Jennie Naidoo and Jane Wills. Edition Second. Publisher Palgrave Macmillan. Pages 416. Price £24.99. ISBN 9780230545205

Naidoo and Wills provide a single volume of all the major disciplines and methodologies in health studies and relate them to the real world through examples.

Alcohol and Human Health. Editor Lesley Smart. Edition First. Publisher Oxford University Press. Pages 104. Price £18.99. ISBN 9780199237357.

An account of the science behind drinking alcohol and its effects on human health, putting the problems into perspective by looking at the global health and accident statistics relating to alcohol drinking. The book is accompanied by a DVD.

Cardiopulmonary Anatomy and Physiology. Author Terry Des Jardins. Edition Fifth. Publisher Cengage. Pages 608. Price £23.99. ISBN 97814180483.

The structure and function of the respiratory system is the focus of this book, which includes sections on respiratory care practice, with clinical cases to challenge students' application of principles as well as illustrations of common conditions such as cystic fibrosis, chronic bronchitis and asthma.

100 Cases in Clinical Ethics and Law. Authors Carolyn Johnston and Penelope Bradbury. Edition First. Publisher Hodder Education. Pages 288. Price £18.99. ISBN 9780340945759.

This book explores typical dilemmas through the use of 100 common medical scenarios. It covers issues such as consent, capacity, withdrawal of treatment and confidentiality, as well as student involvement in internal examinations, whistle-blowing and the role of medical indemnity providers in complaints.

Pain. Editor Frederick Toates. Edition First. Publisher Oxford University Press. Pages 104. Price £18.99. ISBN 9780199237364.

Toates argues that only an integrated understanding of biology and psychology can explain the roots of pain in the nervous system and the relationship with mental events in modifying the experience of pain. Animations on the accompanying DVD show how tissue damage initiates signals in the nervous system, which the brain perceives as pain.

Primer on the Rheumatic Diseases. Editors J. H. Klippel, J. H. Stone, L. E. J. Crofford and P. H. White. Edition Thirteenth. Publisher Springer. Pages 724. Price £48.50. ISBN 9780387356648

This book is designed to provide information on arthritis and related diseases, including osteoarthritis, lupus and more than one hundred others, offering medical students and physicians a description of the current science, diagnosis, clinical consequences and principles of management.

Cardiovascular Medicine. Editors J. T. Willerson, J. N. Cohn, H. J. J. Wellens and D. R. Holmes, Jr. Edition Third. Publisher Springer. Pages 2928. Price £120.00. ISBN 9781846281884

This book offers guidance on the evaluation, diagnosis and medical and surgical treatment of heart and vascular disease. The book and DVD package is designed to provide comprehensive coverage of every aspect of cardiovascular medicine. More than 1800 illustrations clarify complex principles, and help in the understanding of the subtleties of techniques and their application.

The Toronto Notes for Medical Students 2007. Authors J. Greenwald and Marilyn Heng. Edition First. Publisher McGraw-Hill. Pages 1350. Price £59.99. ISBN 9780968592878

This is an up-to-date 1400-page review of 29 medical specialties. The University of Toronto graduating medical class under the guidance of faculty experts specialising in the field revises each chapter of the book annually, and over the past 22 years it has become a study guide for medical students of all levels, as well as a reference text for residents and physicians alike.

Jawetz, Melnick & Adelberg’s Medical Microbiology. Author George Brooks. Edition Twenty-fourth. Publisher McGraw-Hill. Pages 832. Price £31.99. ISBN 9780071476669

Linking fundamental microbiology concepts with the diagnosis and treatment of clinical infections, this text delivers an overview of the organisms and agents involved in clinical microbiology. In addition to brief descriptions of the organisms, there are perspectives on pathogenesis, diagnostic laboratory tests, clinical findings, treatment and epidemiology.

General Practice. Author John Murtagh. Edition Fourth. Publisher McGraw-Hill. Pages 1560. Price £54.99. ISBN 9780074717790

This edition includes six new chapters for access to current guidelines on nasal disorders, surgical problems in children, infections in pregnancy, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic heart failure and thrombosis and thromboembolism. An enhanced index has more subcategories with singular page references to ensure that students can find the exact information required.

Understanding Global Medicine and Health. Authors William Markle, Melanie Fisher and Ray Smego. Edition First. Publisher McGraw-Hill. Pages 384. Price £19.99. ISBN 9780071487849

This text is a primer on the increasingly important subjects related to global health and medicine, covering all the core topics taught to medical and public health students. Written with the non-specialist in mind, the book includes practical case examples with explanations, learning objectives and key summary points.

Understanding Patient Safety. Author Robert Wachter. Edition First. Publisher McGraw-Hill. Pages 240. Price £19.99. ISBN 97800714876

Robert Watcher provides coverage of the core principles of patient safety with insights to help students understand and prevent a broad range of errors: including medication errors, surgical errors, diagnostic errors, errors at the man-machine interface and nursing-related errors. There is a focus on how reporting systems, teamwork training, simulation, the malpractice system and information technology can have an impact on quality and patient safety.

Pathology: The Big Picture. Author William Kemp. Edition First. Publisher McGraw-Hill. Pages 512. Price £25.99. ISBN 9780071477482

This full-colour resource has been specifically written with the aim of providing medical students with what they must know in order to succeed on their pathology course and in their medical exams. Aspects of the book that aim to help students include: key concepts, numerous tables and illustrations, exam-style questions and access to an online learning centre.

Behavioral Medicine in Primary Care: A Practical Guide. Authors Mitchell Feldman and John Christensen. Edition Third. Publisher McGraw-Hill. Pages 476. Price £22.99. ISBN 9780071438605

This book delivers practical coverage of behavioural and interactional issues that occur between provider and patient in everyday clinical practice. Students will learn how to deliver bad news, how to conduct an effective patient interview, how to clinically manage behavioural issues in the dying patient, the principles of medical professionalism and behavioural issues in men’s and women’s health.

Colour Atlas of Ophthalmology. Author Arthur S. M. Lim. Edition Fifth. Publisher World Scientific. Pages 188. Price £29.00/£15.00. ISBN 97898171544/1551

In this fifth edition, all chapters have been thoroughly updated and expanded, particularly the sections on the retinal, macular, phacoemulsification, lasik, new equipment and ophthalmic drugs. The book aims to appeal to medical students, general practitioners, ophthalmic students and all paramedical personnel who have to deal with common eye diseases.

Essentials of Human Nutrition. Editors Jim Mann and Stewart Truswell. Edition Third. Publisher Oxford University Press. Pages 640. Price £36.99. ISBN 9780199290970

This book charts the involvement and impact of nutrition across the lifespan and at community level, based on a sound foundation of nutritional science. There is coverage of topical subjects, such as functional foods, along with the spectre of chronic disease and nutritional crises in the world, as well as selectively compiled figures and tables providing a digest of the practical data and processes.

Water and Health in an Overcrowded World. Editors Tim Halliday and Basiro Davey. Edition First. Publisher Oxford University Press. Pages 104. Price £18.99. ISBN 9780199237302

This text demonstrates the ways in which urban and rural environments and living conditions affect human health, disease and disability in contrasting populations around the world. It looks widely, setting the health experience of contemporary societies in a rapidly urbanising world in the context of human evolutionary history and human biology.

Screening for Breast Cancer. Editor Elizabeth Parvin. Edition First. Publisher Oxford University Press. Pages 104. Price £18.99. ISBN 9780199237333

This book sets out the principles of effective screening programmes, and reviews variations in the incidence of breast cancer in different countries and age groups to shed light on the major risk factors. The text is supported by a fully interactive DVD, developed in collaboration with a hospital breast-screening service.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Forgotten Killer. Editor Carol Midgley. Edition First. Publisher Oxford University Press. Pages 119. Price £18.99. ISBN 9780199237326

This book discusses one effect of changing environments and lifestyles on the health of modern human populations: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a progressive lung disease that is caused by long-term exposure to particulate smoke or dust pollution. The text uses a multidisciplinary approach to bring together an introduction to the science of respiratory function with aspects of the epidemiology, psychology, treatment and prevention of COPD.

Trauma, Repair and Recovery. Editor James Phillips. Edition First. Publisher Oxford University Press. Pages 126. Price £18.99. ISBN 9780199237340

This book introduces the science of how the human body responds to trauma. The incidence of traumatic injury at a global level is considered, before using case studies to illustrate the nature of damage and repair and the impact on the people affected. In particular this book focuses on the tissue-level biology of the human body, comparing and contrasting how different tissues are structured, and how they interact with each other during normal physiology.

Health and Human Behaviour. Authors Ken Jones and Debra Creedy. Edition Second. Publisher Oxford University Press. Pages 336. Price £24.99. ISBN 9780195559125

This second edition introduces students in the health professions and biomedical sciences to the different models of thinking around health. Through an examination of psychological, personal and social influences on health, Ken Jones and Debra Creedy demonstrate that wellness and illness are more than biological states, being also social and personal events.

Visual Impairment: A Global View. Editor Heather McLannahan. Edition First. Publisher Oxford University Press. Pages 120. Price £18.99. ISBN 9780199237319

This book shows how, through an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the eye, sight can be saved. After exploring the physical basis of light, and the structure of the eye and how it interacts with light, the book goes on to examine the causes of visual impairment. The book is supported by a fully interactive DVD.

Molecular Biology of Cancer: Mechanisms, Targets, and Therapeutics. Author Lauren Pecorino. Edition Second. Publisher Oxford University Press. Pages 336. Price £25.99. ISBN 9780199211487

This second edition shows how understanding of the defective mechanisms which drive cancer is leading to the development of new targeted therapeutic agents. Opening with an overview of the key hallmarks of cancer as a disease state, the book then leads us through the principal components of the regulatory machinery through which cell division is controlled, and explains how the failure of these components can lead to the onset of cancer.

Bioethics: An Introduction for the Biosciences. Author Ben Mepham. Edition Second. Publisher Oxford University Press. Pages 440. Price £23.99. ISBN 9780199214303

This book offers a balanced, objective introduction to the field of bioethics, and aims to be suitable for any biosciences student who is new to the subject. With a focus on developing the students’ power of reasoning and judgment, the book presents different perspectives to common themes in an impartial way, fostering debate and discussion.

Health Economics. Authors George Palmer and Tessa Ho. Edition First. Publisher Palgrave Macmillan. Pages 320. Price £23.99. ISBN 9781403940834

This book applies the tools of economic analysis to the problems of healthcare finance and delivery, assuming no previous knowledge of the subject. Clear, non-technical language is used throughout to explain the available economic tools and to examine their strengths and weaknesses critically in relation to health policy and management issues.

Doing Clinical Healthcare Research: A Survival Guide. Authors Sarah Winch, Amanda Henderson and Linda Shields. Edition First. Publisher Palgrave Macmillan. Pages 200. Price £14.99. ISBN 9781403988218

This text aims to help students, academics and healthcare staff identify and overcome organisational barriers to conducting research in busy clinical environments. The authors draw on their own experience in establishing clinical research across various settings to show how research should be project-managed in order to guarantee successful outcomes for all involved.

Bailey & Love’s Short Practice of Surgery. Authors Norman S. Williams, Christopher J. K. Bulstrode and P. Ronan O'Connell. Edition Twenty-fifth. Publisher Hodder Education. Pages 1536. Price £110.00. ISBN 9780340939321

This book has been subdivided into parts to ensure a logical sequence, opening with sections devoted to the underlying principles of surgical practice, investigation and diagnosis, and pre-operative care. These are followed by chapters covering all aspects of surgical trauma. The remainder of the book considers each of the surgical specialties in turn.

A Textbook of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics. Authors James M. Ritter, Lionel D. Lewis, Timothy G. K. Mant and Albert Ferro. Edition Fifth. Publisher Hodder Education. Pages 480. Price £29.99. ISBN 9780340900468

Fully revised throughout, the fifth edition of this textbook has been streamlined to focus on what medical students and junior doctors need to know in order to understand the implications of prescribing one drug over, or in combination with, another. The text provides current information on all areas of drug prescribing with updated discussion of and guidance on a variety of topics.

Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics: Questions for Self-assessment. Authors Timothy G. K. Mant, Lionel D. Lewis, James M. Ritter and Albert Ferro. Edition First. Publisher Hodder Education. Pages 218. Price £17.99. ISBN 9780340947432

This self-assessment volume allows students to learn, revise and test themselves on all aspects of clinical pharmacology and therapeutics. Four different types of question are provided to test students’ knowledge in this important area – multiple choice questions, extended matching questions, “best of fives” and problem-solving questions.

Adverse Drug Interactions: A Handbook for Prescribers. Authors Lakshman Karalleidde, Simon Clarke, Ursula Collingdon and Janaka Karalleidde. Edition First. Publisher Hodder Education. Pages 352. Price £19.99. ISBN 97803409694

This book provides information on potential adverse affects by drug class. By establishing a system of grading throughout the book and appropriate coding through the use of special icons, the authors highlight immediately to the reader those interactions that are likely to give rise to life-threatening reactions and must therefore be completely avoided, in addition to other, less threatening but nonetheless important interactions to be aware of.

Textbook of Palliative Medicine. Authors Eduardo Bruera, Irene J. Higginson, Carla Ripamonti and Charles von Gunten. Edition First. Publisher Hodder Education. Pages 1024. Price £59.95. ISBN 9780340966242

Providing an alternative, international approach to palliative medicine, this textbook fills a niche with its evidence-based, multiprofessional approach and global perspective, ensured by the international team of editors and contributing authors. The book is suitable for those embarking on a career in palliative medicine or practitioners already established in the field.

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